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August 27, 2009


I'm glad to see Callie is back up on cots and posing ever so cutely.

Great news about Gabe! He's still in our thoughts and hope he can come home this week, as expected.

Does Callie still wag her tail faster and faster when it's time for her last pee break to give away her dead dog routine? That is the funniest thing on Youtube.

I am so glad Callie is feeling better, I love the video of her playing dead with that tail going ninety to nothing!! Sounds like Gabe will recover & do great also!! Thanks for all you do!!

Christal, to answer your question, the cots are from Kuranda and the beds are from West Paw Design.

I thrilled for Cassie & for you all. I know it's great to have the sweet, silly Cassie back.

Wonderful news about Gabe! I'm excited for him.

Continued prayers for both.

I agree with Barbara Arenal. The amazing lengths you go to give love & care to babies that have never known this much love & care & giving them a 2nd chance is truly, truly admirable. And, the support of all the followers & your loving care & dedication makes it all possible. God bless!

May I take a moment to remind everyone that RDR has a Facebook Cause page:

If you are on Facebook, join up! You can donate there too... :)

Thanks for the great news about Gabe!
That's the Callie we all know & love!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I wish I could kiss that ear that's flipped over the edge of the cot.

You certainly have your hands full! Good news about Callie and glad to hear Gabe's surgery went well. Now for Teddy - come on little guy~~ Let's get you home and well!

Steve, I thought you'd mentioned before in the past where you got the cots/pads from. Could you let me know? I think our older boxer might like them based on the overall visual recommendations shown in your blog photos. Thank you!

It is nice to see Callie doing so well. Hopefully Gabe is recovering well. You 2 are incredible. I am in awe of you both.

Good News all around! Now we can focus on Teddy and his teeth cleaning today.

I cut my phenobarbitol dose in half for my dog and the only time I have to really watch her is when it gets hot outside, for some reason this will trigger a siezure. Otherwise she is a brand new dog.

I'm so glad to hear that Gabe's surgery went well. I thought about him and Teddy (and Helen) last night as I meditated. As others have said, thank you for your excellent care and compassion. I'm glad to hear Callie is better. I wondered about her as well.
Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

Hooray for good news! The picture of Gabe's tumor had left me in shock...I have never seen anything like it....I'm glad they got most of it.
And poor Callie, I bet she's glad to "just say no" to the phenobarb....she looks like another success story to me!!

Thanks, Steve, for the sweet photo of a sleeping, very relaxed Callie and for the encouraging update on Gabe!

What about Teddy? How did his dental go?

What Great news about Callie, and especially about Gabe! I never cease to be amazed at the lengths you go, to give these poor deserving animals a 2nd chance at a Better life....its Truly Admirable. And through such caring RDR followers, its possible. I hope to be able to someday again, be a big contributor and help too. In the meantime, I am so glad to know that all the critters are getting the BEST of what they need to heal and live a gentler, pain-free life. Thank You, Steve and Alayne! You're Angels on this Earth!

That's fabulous news for such a cute and deserving boy. Now he will be able to really enjoy his new home at RDR.

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