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August 23, 2009


Steve.....with all the doggies having health issues....I noticed it has been a while since we had a non-dog post. What's up with the kitty cats? the horses? or even Margaret the goat? She is always good for a laugh. That said, I am glad the dogs are making progress in their recoveries.

Incredible progress! So nice to have the comfort of a pack. Awesome job.

I'm so happy to see Teddy settling in so well. I see that tummy & boy would I love to rub it!! That sure is a comfy cozy scene.

I will continue to keep him in my prayers as well as you all & the other anipals that are facing challenges right now.

For some reason I couldn't post anything the last few days. I've felt so out of the loop not being able to comment but today it's back to normal. Crazy tech stuff!

Buddha Belly Teddy has a great sound to it! You folks are doing an awesome job. He looks great.

What a darlin' bunch of little munchkins. My prayers will be with you and Teddy while his journey to health continues. I know those belly rubs help though. They all look snug and happy.

This is such a sweet picture! I hope Teddy continues to improve... God Bless you for all your are doing for this sweet little one.

~Barbara & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Rub Teddy's tummy for me, too!

What an adorable trio!

Teddy must be so relieved to be "home" and taken care of, so, why not just settle in, snuggle and sleep. What a complete safe feeling!

We hope he continues to get better with each day.

so happy for him

I noticed the tummy right off....poor baby sure has had the deck stacked against him, hasn't he?
Here's hoping that the dental work will allow his numbers to get into "normal" range!

Thanks, Steve. I very much needed a good news morning and this just fit the bill. You'll all be in my prayers, as usual.

So sorry to hear Teddy's diabetes hasn't been regulated yet, but the other news about him are just great!

Please give Teddy a tummy rub for me, too, ok?:-)

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