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August 18, 2009


Thank you for posting this so those of us who didn't know Jasper can meet him and see what a beautiful, sweet dog he is. Thanks to Laurie for keeping in touch and giving Jasper what appears to be a fabulous home.

Great follow up story. Wonderful to see how well Jasper is doing. And, the lucky girls hanging out with the cute boy in the pool!!!

A nice reminder that one of the two ways that dogs are able to cool down their bodies is through the pads of their feet, so standing in cool water must be delightful to them on a hot day. (The other way is panting, as most people know).
Thanks for the update and kudos to Laurie for her loving care of her pups (permanent & foster).

What a fun story to start my day off with!
Thank you Laurie, for the great photos and describing some of Jasper's summer events. He's gorgeous and I'd be all over him in the pool too!

What a happy update! Thank you for sharing the great news about Jasper (and his gorgeous girfriends:-)) with us, Steve.

Jasper is looking great & it's wonderful that he has girlfriends to admire him while he's lounging in the pool! What a great update!
Thanks Laurie B. for giving Jasper such a great home & all the other foster work you do.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Love update stories!! Thanks! Nice backyard!

It's great to see how well your adoptee's do. He sure has a wonderful home. Girlfriends to boot!

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