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August 02, 2009


What a beautiful, happy boy! I think Alayne has found another minion!

You have got to love that spotted tummy. What a sweetie pie

Welcome Home Gabe!
What a doll!!! I wouldn't be surprised if someone scoops him up for adoption.

SO glad to hear Teddy is doing well. What a good day!

I love the photos! What a happy old boy with a big smile...Thanks for the update on Teddy and I look forward to hearing more about this friendly fellow.

Don't you just love a dog that smiles??!!

Another new friend; WELCOME Gabe!

Great news about little Teddy. I can't wait to see him back home with Steve.

And Alayne: You are a tiny, cute thang. Who knew that was what was under those 10 layers of clothes you're usually wearing !! :-)

Gabe looks like such a happy dog - what a sweetheart. I'm glad to hear Teddy is doing well and hope he is back at the ranch soon. Hugs to all.

Thank you for the update on Teddy- I've been concerned. Gabe has the happiest face ever and I've fallen in love with it! Thank you so much to everyone who worked to save his life and thank you so much to all of the transporters. Stories like this just make my day!

Welcome home, Gabe! You did a wonderful rolling audition but don't worry you are now safe & sound. And, you are just full of smiles! Keep up the request for tummy rubs, I have no doubt you'll get plenty of them. A big thank you for the people that made it possible for him to make it to RDR.

I'm so excited for sweet Teddy! Thank you so much for the update. I thought about him all weekend & am continuing to send many prayers to him!

Sadly, many shelters across the Country & CA is leading the way to reduce the number of days before a shelter will euthanize.

I love that smile! Welcome to paradise Gabe!

Gabe's smile is absolutely beautiful & infectious. BRAVO to AFRP & everyone that helped him to RDR! It only gets better from here on out, :)

Gabe is so alert and happy looking - he will be even happier now that he has found RDR. And that's great news that Teddy is doing well. Lots of hugs and belly rubs for these 2 dolls. And Alayne you're looking good there in that pretty purple blouse.

Thank you to all the people out there that do what they can to help an animal in need. Aug 2nd is my birthday, and the greatest gift is being able to hear of wonderful stories like this... Thank you Rolling Dog Ranch for sharing!

AFRP Foster volunteer

Welcome Gabe
May you really enjoy the rest of your life in a very good place. Hope you get your coat back, because the winters there are not what is advertized in the broucures.

Welcome Gabe! Animal Friends Rescue in Pacific Grove is a great organization, so Hooray for them to manage transport of Gabe all the way to Montana. Here's hoping his ailments are nothing serious and he can soon be welcomed by the RDR pack!

And great news on Teddy. Thank goodness you did the surgery in time. Prayers for his full recovery.

Five days is a mercy. You should see what happens to animals in New York City.

Welcome, Gabe! You are fortunate!

Welcome home, Gabe...who could resist that sweet smile???
So good to hear that ittle Teddy is recovering....two miracles in one week. Good work RDR! And many thanks to the transport folks who took their time and gas to get him there.

Well, no wonder Gabe looks so happy.....he just found out he won the Lottery !

Gabe's smile says it all and it must feel so good for him to be shaved. Thanks for the update on Teddy.

I'm so glad to hear the good news!!!!

Teddy's recovering fine and now Gabe has arrived to dog's heaven on earth!!! That big smile on his face makes me feel soooooo good!!!

What a beautiful dog! He's got an irresistible smile.

What a cutie pie and a love bug, he is home now and safe..... Bless you ...

What a cutie. He looks like he belongs there already. We had a chocolate lab/something mix show up last September and he came in as if he had always lived here. I guess they know where they belong!

Thanks for the update on Teddy. He's in my thoughts.

Gabe is short for Gabriel (an angel)and by the looks of him, he will be yet another RDR angel for all of us to adore. I am so glad to hear Teddy's recovery is going well and it looks like he is going to make it. Woo-hoo!!!!

What a great smile on this guy! He just looks so happy to be with you. Thanks to all the good guys (or gals) that helped him get to you. 5 days? Good grief, he is so lucky, Gabe must have had an angel watching out for him. Now he has real live angels to watch over him forever. Again, bless you for all you do for these guys.

Welcome, Gabe. You look like you're starved for affection, but you've come to the right place.

Isn't the five days' quarantine one of California's solutions to their budget crisis? It reduces the cost of keeping animals around.

"Move 'em out, head 'em up,
Head 'em up, move 'em on.
Move 'em out, head 'em up"

Get them doggies (sic) out of the shelters.

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