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August 30, 2009


Yaa Teddy! Yaa Gabe! Teddy looks great. The news about Gabe is fantastic. I can only imagine how happy he now is to be able to smell and taste his food. What a miracle. They are lucky dogs.

The Ted-ster is looking very handsome won't be long before he has a little lady friend I am sure. Thanks for the good news on him and Gabe.

Hurrah for Teddy and Gabe... and little Callie too!

I absolutely adore Teddy. The minute I laid my eyes on him I fell in love. This picture just makes me want to reach thru the computer screen, pick him up & give him tons of kisses & hugs. What a cutie pie he is. I'm sooooo happy to hear he is home & I know he is too. I wish he was laying in a bed behind me at my desk. I'm jealous! He looks like he is putting on some weight & I bet now that the teeth are fixed & cleaned he will eat me even better.

I'm thrilled for Gabe too. I bet he is feeling like he won the jackpot being able to smell his food now. Happy, happy for him!!!

WoW! What a beautiful little dog! Glad he's home with you all and So happy to hear that Gabe can SMELL again (imagine the loss of that sense as well).

Thanks for keeping us all in the loop!

Yea for Gabe! Wouldn't that be cool if he came into the kitchen to investigate because he could smell you cooking dinner! Now there's a reason to give out snacks! As for Teddy, maybe he'll regain pleasure in eating because his mouth won't hurt any more. Wouldn't that be sweet to see a tubby Teddy!

What good news this is for Gabe; I'm so happy for him! Now if only someone would make and sell Teddy dolls as cute as the real thing, I'd be thrilled.

Is it just me, or is Teddy starting to look like a different (healthy) dog? Great to see. He must weigh almost as much as that big blankie he's perched upon & deserves every comfort after all he's been through, :)

I had not thought about Gabe's sense of smell... that is AWESOME! Phew!

Hooray for my pals Teddy and Gabe! - and hooray for all you guys for hanging in there - Teddy is looking like a regular little pup now and not an ill one - I'll keep my prayers coming. I think they are working. :)

I wonder if Gabe is also tasting now too? You know how you can't taste when you have a stuffed up nose?? Wow. What happy news.

And would ya look at Mr. Teddy?!!

Wow, Teddy is looking noticeably better! You go, little man!

Teddy -- you are just the cutest boy! We are so happy that you are home again. You look very comfortable and peaceful.

And what a great image of Gabe with the twitching nose! He must be feeling so much better now.

What a great start to the new week!

How nice that Janet and Hal could pick up Teddy...thank you for that huge help!

What a thrill for Gabe to smell his food (and breathe)! His life will now be a lot easier and enjoyable....great job WSU...thank you!

Teddy is getting so cute and glad to hear Gabe is doing well.

What a precious picture of Teddy. I'm glad to read such good news.

I'm so happy they are both doing better. If a dog could be a little teddy bear, Teddy is it. (Teddy Dog?)

The recovery of Gabe's sense of smell must be a huge gift for him. I remember in a past blog post that you mentioned how important a dog's sense of smell is and far more so for a blind dog. Gabe probably feels as if he has reentered the world. And the cessation of what must have been a blinding headache is another big gift.
I'll continue to hold Teddy, Gabe, Helen, Callie and all the rest in my thoughts.

Such good news for both boys!

Dear Steve & Alayne, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear (and see:-)) that Teddy's back home once again and feeling much better! I'm also delighted at the great news about Gabe.:-)


Oh Teddy, you make my heart beat with such gratitude! And Gabe well what can we say, welcome to the dinner table my friend!

I'm thrilled to read that Gabe is able to smell his food! That's fantastic! What a wonderful experience for him! I'm so grateful that he's doing so well & is expected to be home by the end of the week. I've been pulling for you, sweet Gabe!
Teddy, I know it's great to have all that yucky stuff out of your mouth & you got a nice ride back home with Janet & Hal. Looks like you are well on your road to a great recovery.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Hip Hip Hooray for Teddy and Gabe. That picture of Teddy just melts my heart!!

It's a good day for Teddy and Gabe!

Oh don't you look a picture little Teddy! Glad you are home where you belong!

Good to hear Gabe is doing well too..

What amazing progress Teddy has made. Welcome home little buddy!

So glad to hear Teddy (the cutie)is home and it doing so good.Miracles do happen and I guess for now he is a walking one. He is one cute little boy. Also so glad to hear Gabe is doing so well, Imagine finally being able to smell his food..Yea!! Keep up the good work,you guys are great.

Oh I am glad to see that little Teddy is home and looking a little chubbier! Gabe is such a sweetheart and after going through so much and a huge surgery it is great to hear that he is doing good. It is amazing that little signs, like smelling, mean the most!

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