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August 31, 2009


While you are waiting for the poodle sisters to be gussied up and go to your own grooming appt, how about a mani/pedi?! Just don't tell us about it and it can be your secret pleasure! :-)

I'm glad that Priscilla & Molly finally figured out that it was safe to walk from the truck across the parking lot & into Petsmart! Bravo, ladies! Maybe they figured it was time to give you a break, Steve. So you hair grows at the same rate as the Poodles, that's an interesting fact.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Goldie. We only want good news!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I quite agree with Michele: it is high time for a cancer break at RDR!!

Great comment, Bob, lol!:-)

A big hug to you all from Italy.

I'm praying for a cancer break for the ranch. Too much, too much!! Thanks for loving them and taking such good care of all of them!

Woo Hoo I agree!!!!

Mo and the 4 pugs plus the new baby Bella : )

Will send pictures asap..

The refined Poodle sisters and their hound dog boyfriend of my all time favorite stories of Rolling Dog Ranch.

Goldie is such a cutie. I bet all will be well.

I do the same with my dog. When she goes to the groomer so do I. Saves some time

You're an "easy" keeper, Steve.

Congrats to the Poodle Sisters for their new-found confidence in walking into PetsMart on their own. Of course, they're the best around. They're at RDR!!!!

Southern Ladies need a certain amount of time to become presentable. Hope they aren't getting gussied up so they look better for that good for nothing hound. He is probably just interested in them because he thinks they come from family money.

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