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August 27, 2009


It's amazing how sweet & loving Gabe has been with all this horrible stuff going on! I'm sending best thoughts for guidance to those that are in charge of operating on Gabe & caring for him. I feel that Gabe knows we're all pulling for him. Thank you so much for giving him this opportunity to have a pain free life. He's so precious.
Thanks also on the update on Teddy, sometimes strange things happen that are never explained.
You & Alayne please give each other big hugs from me. You both are such wonderful people & since I'm not close enough to do it myself, well, you get the idea.
Big hugs to all & thanks for all that you do all the time,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

$100 will be on the way in the next few days for Gabe's care.....wish I could send more. Gabe has the sweetest face, especially considering the pain he must be in.

I am so thankful that Gabe has ya'll & RDR. Our sweet boy Jonah battled nasal cancer. Unfortunately we didn't have the
accessibility to gieve him radiation, after surgery. We were able to love him and spoil him for 6 months post surgery & he lost his battle in May. I would have preferred to keep him longer but we chose to end his suffering. Within 2 days he went from eating & breathing fairly well to no appetite and little air flow.Within those two days the
cancer had also affected the optical nerves. So I am especially
touched by Gabe's battle & our prayers are with him & you to enjoy each day your blessed with him. Give him a big hug for us.

Steve, You are the most wonderful teacher! Not only do you provide photos to help us visual learners you also explain complicated medical diagnoses in a way anyone can understand. I know the knowledge you have provided has helped me learn so much. I thank you so much for that! God bless you and Alayne for giving this neglected dog a chance to experince life in your loving sanctuary. Gabe's happy face just brings me joy!

Intense pleas to the Cosmos and the Fates to keep Gabe safe and well. Thank you for loving him and giving him this chance. Blessings to all.

As always I am inspired both by your commitment to the animals you care for and the ability these sick animals to continue to enjoy life and deal with discomfort and pain.
I am thinking of your two boys (Gabe and Teddy) along with you and all your other critters!
xo (and licks)

I know how cranky and whiny I can get with a stuffy nose, so I really cann't imagine what Gabe is feeling. I pray all goes well with his surgery and he is able to run and play for whatever years he has left on the grass fields of Montana.

Get well soon Gabe! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers sweet boy.
Thank you Alayne and Steve for giving Gabe his life saving surgery. You're the best!!!!
Bless you for everything you do for the remarkable animals at RDR.

Wow. Poor, sweet Gabe. I would imagine & hope removal of that thing would have to make you feel way better right away. He's definitely got so many fans like us pulling for his success. Thank you for being his special angels.

Just think! In a few weeks all this will be over and Gabe is going to feel great!!!

Bless you for taking in Gabe. He looks like such a sweetie! I will be thinking of him and knowing he has finally found his forever home at RDR where he will be loved and treated with care. I wish I could give him a big hug!!

Thank you Steve for the updates on Gabe and Teddy!! I'm saying prayers for both of them!!

Once again, you guys are awesome.

Now we know the full picture on the discomfort of Gabe's nose!
This was quite an educational post.
We'll be thinking of Gabe throughout today; sending he and the doctors steadiness, strength and a happy tumor removal.

Look forward to reading a successful post tomorrow!

Thank you so much for giving Gabe and Teddy (plus so many others) the opportunity to live out their senior years in a home surrounded by love and happiness. We're keeping them in our prayers!

Whew! Lots of news. My thoughts and prayers with Gabe. Lots of procedures for him to go through but with a (sounds like) good ending.
Hang in there Teddy. I'm praying for you too.
My husband has been unemployed for a year or I would send money towards their medical bills.
Keep up the good work Steve and Alayne.

Gabe is a real thoughts and prayers are with him, you guys(of course), and his medical team this morning...may everything go smoothly and uneventfully.
I'm glad Teddy is getting his dental done finally....he's had a rough row to hoe as well.

Your gratitude is what keeps the gifts coming. That's how the universe works. So many of us are so very grateful to you and Alayne for doing what we wish we could do for these little ones. It sounds like good news all around for Gabe and Teddy.
Many of us will continue to send thoughts of health and recovery to Gabe, Teddy, Helen and everyone there.

Gabe is definitely in prayers for tomorrow.......poor little guy -- I pray he has a chance for even longer that 2-3 years! Thanks so much for your caring hearts, and may the Lord provide more than enough for all you do to give these animals quality of life!

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