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August 03, 2009


My heart was cracking when I read this post about Helen. I hope that she will not suffer or be in any sort of pain. If she can have a good life, that's the important thing. There are so many large breeds that have gotten bad reputations, but the Rotties I've known have been real sweeties. Please give her a big hug from me & I sincerely hope that she beats the odds. I'm sending special thoughts to the three of you & all of her Doctors, to find the most effective treatment available. Please keep us posted as we care.
Big hugs & positive thoughts,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I am so sorry about this news. Helen is so sweet & along with all your anipals I know she is special to you & gives you comfort for the mere fact you have had her in your house for many years. My prayers are with you all as you do all that you can to give her all the best care possible. I will pray for all of you. I know she has many more wonderful days ahead & will be given all the best during that time.

I lost Roger my Rottie Lab cross one year ago to Lymphoma. He was treated with Chemo by Dr. Dave Bostwick for over two years. I will always be indebted for the extra time I had with Roger. I pray that Helen's chemo treatment can keep her with you longer. God bless you and all of the kids at the ranch.

I'm very saddened to hear the news about Helen.........I believe she will let you know when she is ready to go see all the others that have gone before her to Rainbow Bridge. Until that time comes I have faith you will continue to give her the love & life she so deserves! Prayers from Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Helen is such a beautiful dog and her spirit is so blessed, calm and gentle. I am sending a small donation so with some of that donation would you please get some of her favorite treats or a toy for her from my Dotti and Buddy. Thank you for carrying about these wonderful animals......Mickey Boutiette

I'm saying a prayer for Helen, as I get to catch up on the RDR news. She looks like a very beautiful dog with a great jow for life no matter who hard it has gotten for her. Bless you all for giving her a grest home!

Helen, Steve & Alayne,
Our hearts and prayers are with you. Helen, you are definitely a survivor and with the absolute best of loving care. Hugs and all our best karma from Issaquah dear girl.

I know you will always do what's best for your animals, painful though it may be at times. Helen is obviously still a happy and beautiful dog who thrives in your care. May her time left with you be with maximum licks and keep us all posted.

We are sending love and light to you Helen. You are in God's hands and there is only Love.

Sending lots of love from your friends in Iowa

Prayers for you, sweet Helen.

I've had a similar week, Steve and Alayne. My dog, Jack, has heart disease and is headed for congestive heart failure. Found that out last week. He's the love of my life.

Prayers for both of our beloved dogs.

So sorry to hear that Helen's cancer has returned. As others have said, I'm glad she's with you.
That just sucks big time.

I'm happy Teddy is with you too. Looking forward to continued updates on him.

I'm sorry to hear about Helen's health.
I know you always make the best decision for the animals, you have much support and we'll be here for you through this walk.
Kisses and hugs to sweet Helen.

I'm so sorry to hear about Helen's diagnosis. Having recently lost Ellie, my heart goes out to you.

I am, however, extremely happy she has you!!! I know her days have and will continue to be loving ones.

And YAY for Teddy!!!

If she only has a short time left, should she be put through the suffering of chemo??? I would make her as happy and comfortable as possible, and pay close attention to her...she will let you know when it is time to go. Oh Helen, you are such a sweet girl...and your gentleness has shown many how gentle your breed truly heart is broken.

We are very sad.

Helen is such a sweet, sweet soul, she does not deserve this, but neither do any of the animals. My heart hurts for her, and I will keep her in my prayers, as well as the doctors who care for her. Hopefully they can find a treatment protocol that can buy her extra quality time!

Having a "lick you to death" pup myself, I suspect that Helen prefers Alayne's office because Alayne tastes better. Or that all of her minions need someone to keep them in order so that Alayne can get some work done.

I have my fingers crossed that the chemo does its trick, and that Helen has more than a few months left.

So sorry to read about Helen. Alayne and Steve you and Helen are in my prayers. At the same time I am happy Teddy will be able to be coming home, he really pulls at my heartstrings. Bless you both for all you do.

I am a foster Mom for AFRP & was following Gabe's journey to you and ran across Helen's story. We lost our rescued Rottie from the same cancer. As he was 13 we opted to due only enough to keep him comfy & indulged. He took full advantage for 6 months (our blessing). Looking at her face is like looking at our Spike, so kisses & treats from us. Thank you for all you do for the animals.

I am so sorry to here the bad news about Blind Helen.
What a sweetie. Hard as it is, there comes a time when enough is enough, and it sounds as though that time is approaching for her. I know you both have the courage to make the right decision at the right time. It's good that her last years have been with such wonderful and careing people as you.

I am so sorry to hear about Helen. Seems so unfair sometimes that these babies have to lose their sight, their limbs and now their lives. At least she has had a happy life there with you. I pray that she will not suffer in any way and I know that you two will choose the best course of action for her even if it means a quick and merciful ending.

Steve and Alayne,
So very sorry to hear the news about Helen-she sounds like a wonderful companion! I will say some prayers and hope for some miracle as it sounds like it is not great news at all. Big hugs from Cincinnati-Carolyn

Sigh. Good news, bad news. As Rosanne Rosannadanna said, "If it's not one thing, it's another. I mean, it's always something." She knew what she was talking about. One day at a time and lots of love and pictures.

Simply put, I'm so happy to hear about Teddy and so sad to hear about Helen. Tears...

My 10 year old, rescued rottie mix is a blessing - sweetheart of a dog. God bless you, Alayne and Helen during this sad time. Hoping she has a few more good months at RDR...

I remember very well Helen's surgery last year and her funny blue innertube collar. She seems like such a wonderful, gentle giant. I'm so glad she's there with you two. "Months", oh my, how do you do it?

My hearts go out to you about your dear Helen. I was there once with my cat Lily and I how sad it is to hear such news. The only thing you can do is what's best for them. To keep them from suffering. And pray. We'll all pray for Helen.

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