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August 16, 2009


I'm so glad Gabe's cancer is not as bad as you thought it might be & there is a good chance. Thank God Gabe & Teddy made it to the right place at the right time. Good to hear Teddy is eating, drinking & getting the attitude. Hope the glucose level is regulated very soon.

Ahhh, sweet Cassie, so glad to hear she is getting back to normal. Makes me so happy!!!

Many prayers for all 3 to continue on their road to recovery and for Gabe treatment is successful.

God bless his little heart (and throat)! Thanks for coming back and giving us updates - I miss your blog when you are away taking care of important things!!

Where does your strength of spirit come from? This seems to be a tougher than usual summer for you all.
Where does all of this damn cancer come from? (rhetorical question)
You are all in my thoughts.

Gabe looks like he doesn't have a care at all. I'm so grateful that the news wasn't near as terrible as it could have been. I'll send him, you & Alayne, as well as all the medical staff positive thoughts for guidance & a great outcome for him. He's so precious.
Thanks also for the update on Callie & Teddie. I know that Callie getting back to her norm has got to make you breath a sigh of relief.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

All of my fingers and toes are crossed for Gabe - and of course for Callie and Teddy. Lots of prayers for all of you!! Hang in there!!

It's good to hear that Gabe's cancer isn't as bad as it could be, we're sending him thoughts of comfort and complete recovery.

As you said perfectly, it could be worse...for all the dogs ill at the moment but as each day hold segments of problems, each day also holds segments of gratitude for the good.

Looking forward to the updates....

I'm keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all you do for the animals in your care. You are true angels for these special babies.

Thanks for the updates. Great to have you back.

I often worry when you take a blog break that something dreadful has happened....but at least, for Gabe, there may be least for more good time. He is such a sweet looking little guy.
Glad to hear Teddy is back to bossing you around...and Callie, as well. Keep up the great work!

Welcome back and thanks for all the updates!! I'm glad all these animals know where to go when they need help.

If the hole in Gabe's throat is so small, how *does* he eat and drink and breathe? Is there something short-term that will help open it up so it's a little easier or is it just small doses of each activity?

I can see why you might have needed a bit of a break last week. Sometimes it's hard to absorb it all and just keep on going. You guys keep your chins up and I'll keep you in my prayers, as always. <3

Dear Alayne & Steve, I wonder once again how you cope with such difficult situations... Your moral strenght is just unbelievable!

Please give Gabe a HUGE hug for me and thanks for the updates on Teddy & Callie.

Here is praying for the best for Gabe. We lost our sweet boy Jonah to nasal cancer in May. I am so grateful that you have the resourses to give Gabe & all the others the best chance possible for a second opportunity to be cared for & loved unconditionally.

You guys certainly have your hands full. I know how draining this all must be and glad you at least took a break from your blog. I'm sure everyone out there who reads your blog is hoping for the best for Gabe. And we're glad that Callie and Teddy are doing better. I doubt I'm the only one who includes you and the animals in my prayers. And I guess it's time for a donation to the medical fund to get these doggies well.

Thank you for the updates---I find myself giving a big sigh for these ups and downs---thanks Steve and Alayne for being angels to these animals. As a supporter we know you two ALWAYS go more than the extra mile to care for these exquisite creatures.

Lynn, we'll have an update on Helen tomorrow.

Thank you for the updates on Callie and Teddy. I hope that Gabe will also experience successful treatment and am so glad things aren't as bad as they may have been. Did you get any new information on Helen?

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