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August 05, 2009


Congratulations (belated) on your beautiful new property!!!!! I know you and all the animals will be very happy there. Glad your trips have been safe, and that things are moving along. Blessings to the both of you, and the animals too.

Such cute and irresistible faces on those barbarians!!!!

Pretty smart thinking for peace at dinnertime. But I hope you have turned your chairs around so you back is to them. Even from a distance I could never resist those faces. And, would feel awful eating while getting the multiple stare down.

Erin, my kitty doesn't eat any human food & never has. But, what is funny is the interest he shows. At the dining table he sits in a chair opposite me & stares (with only the eyes showing). If I'm eating a snack in the living room he jumps up on the coffee table & has to smell whatever I have. If I offer anything to him, he smells it & turns his head away.

Awww - what sad little can you resist even with the gate? I gave in years ago to the
pugs - they won - I lost ..we share every meal abd the bed. I
think it's their house...?????

Thanks for everything you guys do!!!!

Mo and the 5 pugs : )

well, the inmates have taken over the asylum.

ohh,,what fun is that? It's not the food as much as it is the WAY of getting the food...ZEN BEGGING is the Way of the guys cheat. Poor little hounds.


Did you bring each dog to the gate to show them it was there? With most of them being blind I envision some collisons! What if Moose goes into a trot and BOOM. (on second thought, Moose doesn't seem like a trotter LOL)
What about Helen and Spinner? Do they not stoop to the "begging for food" level.
Damn, I wish you had a Q&A day; I always have so many questions about how you do all that you do!!!

How Cute? Any update photos of Twist in his new home??

Poor pups, they look like they are in jail! I'm surprised that they don't bark at you while you are eating. I know mine would. We have to separate ours when we go to work, I put my little girls behind a gate in the family room, but Mojo the Chi is so little she squirms under the gate when she hears the key in the door. Gotta love em.

Your writing is so very funny. I also shop with Foster & Smith and have just ordered a Kuranda bed. Thanks for linking to them in your posts.
I especially love the way you maintain your humor even while dealing with situations like Helen's cancer. You are both truly inspirational.

How move Alayne and Steve!

I can dog constantly bugs me with his paw and has even stuck his head in my popcorn bag while I'm eating it in bed and starts munching he owned it and somehow knew he wouldn't get into trouble.

How did Miss Callie get so very chubby if she is crashed out during prime mooching time? Just like at my house.....none of us are exactly starving but we sure like our "yum-yums"!!! I need a gate around my fridge to keep me out for sure.

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