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July 20, 2009


Happy days to Chennell and Twist!
I took the opportunity to reread that blogpost...and how is the cat doing that came in with the both of them? High time for a cat-post! ;-)

Ahhh, that's a great picture of puppy love! Have a wonderful new life Twist! Thank you for opening your heart & your home, Chennell!

OK, I hate to take a very happy moment and turn it in to something else but what about Oliver? I thought Oliver and Twist were like a bonded pair. It breaks my heart to think of them apart and Oliver being alone now. Was Chennell not interested in adopting both dogs? I could never, ever separate the two.

I'm worried about Oliver too! Is he all right? Steve, please let us know...

What a great picture of Twist and Chennell! God Bless her for adopting Twist... he is SO CUTE!!

Barbara & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Great news for Twist and Chennell. Now there is more room for another dachshund! :)

Steve, Twist was initially shy when you met him in December of 2007. You couldn't get a good picture because he hid behind Heather's legs!

Ahhh...Chennell, I'm sure Twist will bring you endless joy and antics. Good luck to you both!

SO happy about twist but what about Oliver they were very tight??

Congratulations to Twist and his new human Mom!:-)

Is Oliver feeling lonely now that Twist has been adopted? He's certainly got many friends around to cheer him up!:-)

Congratulations. Another happy ending for RDR.

That is so sweet! So glad little Twist has a new forever home...he's such a little darlin!

Please give us an update on Oliver. How is he doing without his friend Twist?

Yeah Twist!! Congrats on your new home!!!

Another RDR Match-Made-in-Heaven. Enjoy your new companion, Chennell.

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