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July 30, 2009


Bless you both for all the wonderful work you do for the animals. You are truly a Godsend!

Simply amazing. Thank you, too, for posting the photos. Heal fast little Teddy.

I'm continually amazed at the way animals can respond in such a positive way after being treated so badly! What a dear sweet little guy--he tugs at my heartstrings (but then they all do!). My 2 boys are 12 and 13, shelter dogs but in good health. I'm so thankful for that, am sending a small donation from them for all at RDR, but especially Gabe and Teddy. Thanks, Alayne and Steve, and all your wonderful vet people and volunteers. Hugs all around for the dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and whatever.

Thanks so much for Teddy's story. I have a pomeranian that was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and I'm finding out it can be managed, with a little extra care. Thanks for all you do for the animals.
Best regards,
Jeanne Evensen

love n reiki all the way from australia for you little mate. you lucky fella to be where you are. please keep us posted

What a nast gallbladder! I always appreciate the detail you go into with surgeries; description, photos and such.

Teddy is very lucky, indeed.
We can't wait to see him up and perking around.

Good going you two! and hooray for Teddy! What a lucky guy he is to have found you and Rolling Dog Ranch!

Bitter Root Humane

Oh Teddy, sweetest little thing! You look a little groggy in your pic, but I bet you are feeling lots better now! What an enormous blessing that Fate brought you to RDR when it did! I just want to pick you up in that blanket and snuggle you. Steve and Alayne, you hear it all the time, but I hope you believe it: you two are angels!

There were certainly angels surrounding Teddy and to help make sure he got to a place where wonderful people could get him the help he needed. I'm sending all my wishes and prayers to Teddy for a speedy recovery and a life full of love, kisses and dog treats. Thank you so much Steve and Alayne for giving Teddy that chance.

I can't wait for you to get Teddy home, wrap him in a blanket hold him and just love him. Please cuddle this boy and give him lots of kisses from all of us. Thank you God he found a forever home !

I'm joining everyone else with tears of joy and relief for Teddy! I wish him a speedy recovery and send tons of gratitude to you and Alayne for all you do for the lucky animals at RDR!!!

What a horrible death Teddy would have experienced but instead he had angels looking after him at RDR. I must admit the pictures of his bladder were grotesque but absolutely necessary to show and explain the severity of Teddy's condition. I was glued to the every word on the blog. Now I pray for his recovery because he is older and frail. What a complete honor to support RDR!

I'm joining everyone else with tears of joy and relief for Teddy! Thanks for your loving care for him and all the RDR animals! Prayers for his quick and complete recovery and God bless you both for your selfless hearts.

Oh Teddy you poor wee fellow!! You'll be fine now without your Gall Bladder - I don't have one either!!

Am SO glad the Op was successful!

I have your picture on my wall at work and think of you everyday..

Thank you to the team at RDR for rescuing this little tike!

Wow! It's amazing that Teddy survived with that horrible stuff inside of him! You made the right decision just in time. I hope he has no complications in recovery from the surgery and am so grateful to everyone that made sure that Teddy got the best of care. I think he's going to be so happy now that all that mess is out of him! Sending healing hugs to Teddy & big hugs to all the rest.
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Animals (dogs in particular) so amaze me. When you introduced Teddy to us you said that in spite of his physical appearance/condition he was "spunky". Please explain how in the world a creature can be spunky with that gall bladder? I saw this same behavior after hurricane Katrina. I volunteered at the large makeshift shelter where all the rescued dogs/cats/horses were brought out of the New Orleans and surrounding area. There were dogs (especially in the later weeks) that were just skeletons some with open sores that had been exposed to the horrid flood waters, etc. And you know what? whenever I approached them to feed, etc. they'd get up, wag their tail and show excitment at having human contact. No pity parties in the animal world I guess.
Get well soon Mr. Teddy.

WOW! Poor little guy-I bet he will be feeling in the pink very soon. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there was a reason Teddy made it to RDR. Thank you Alayne and Steve for getting Teddy some much needed medical care. You guys ROCK!

Simply amazing in so many ways! Teddy, you can't help but feel better now, and the loving care @ RDR will be magical for you.

Dr. Brenda- BRAVO! Steve, Alayne... talk about making a difference. You are all miracle workers, and we can't wait to see Teddy's awesome recovery.

Teddy's gonna feel a LOT better now. Hugs and kisses sweet little boy. And thanks to Steve, Alayne and the great people at Montana Veterinary Specialists for helping this little guy.

Thank goodness you got Teddy in time! The poor little guy, his little face just absolutely melts me.

OMG! what a testament to Teddy's so much pain yet such a loving little guy...I must say, this story really tears at my heart...thinking of this poor sick dog being dumped on a can people live with themselves? Thank god for your rescue!

I am officially in love with your little Teddy. Reading how happy he was at first in your home, sleeping on your chest and barking for his food, and now knowing how sick he really was- you will have your hands full when he has recovered! I hope you have a long time enjoying each others company!

Wow. I'm sure he'll feel much better now that he's not carrying all that around inside him. He is triply lucky - he came to you, he came in time, and you decided to go ahead with the surgery. I'll be keeping fingers crossed that he makes a very speedy recovery and comes home soon.'s official....I now as attached to Teddy as I am to Miss Callie. If anything happens to those two, I will be devastated! Therefore, Teddy just HAS TO make a full recovery and have at least some time not in pain and well fed and playing with doggie pals. Thank God he was rescued!

Bless you Alayne,Steve, Dr. Culver and Missoula Animal Control for saving Teddy's life.
Sending lots of love and healing thoughts Teddy's way.

OMG OMG OMG OMG - I cannot BELIEVE what his gallbladder looked like! Poor, poor little guy! Bless, bless, bless you for taking the time to help this little old begraggled baby - so many would have just put him to sleep without a second thought. It is a true doggy miracle of timing that he arrived on your gracious door step when he did. I am sending every loving and healing vibe I can muster his way for sure.

Hang in there, Teddy - from a fellow diabetic!

What a good picture. He looks like he was out on town in a big way. Its the ears that make it so cute/funny. Hard to believe that much could come out of his tiny body

Now the little guy has a chance at a good life. Someone knew he wasn't well and didn't even care. I just don't understand how people can be like that. But now he's at the right place and will hopefully make a full recovery. He'll come back to the Ranch and gain weight and fit right in and be a happy little guy for a long time, God willing. Thank you for taking such good care of him.

Wow... no doubt Teddy was meant to come into your lives at just the right time. This post made me cry tears of relief. Thank you for doing that for dear little Teddy. Thank you. Thank you.
God Bless You Always!!

Barbara & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

So happy to hear that Teddy is doing better. Thank goodness he came to you when he did. Nothing but best wishes for him in the future!

Here are zillions of kisses and hugs that will fill the space that big "gb thing" (ugh) took up! - and more. In fact there are so many hugs and kisses that you will have to store lots of them and pull them out whenever you need them. RDR and all the people involved YOU ROCK - I can't wait to see more pics of little Teddy when he is up to snuff.

God love his little heart. Can you imagine how much better Teddy is going to feel? I am rejoicing today that Teddy was brought to RDR at just the right time. Hugs and kisses to that little fella from Texas.

So glad you made that oh-so-difficult decision to go forward with the surgery! And I agree with others: Probably the best thing that could have happened to Teddy, a few weeks ago, is to have been "dumped" by uncaring, heartless people. But I wish they had been responsible enough to have taken him to a shelter long ago. God bless you two, and God bless little Teddy with a chance to enjoy life, for a while.

God Bless you all for the work that you do and the love in your hearts.

Teddy ~ hang in there. We are sending oceans of healing love and light to you!!!

Thanks for saving Teddy. This post sure made my day!!! :)

Oh, Teddy. In a strange way, it's a good thing you were "dumped" when you were, so that all those other good things could happen to you.

You little Spunkster, get well real FAST, so you can get back to RDR and enjoy your good times there. Kisses on your little nose, sweetness.

Thank God My prayers are with Teddy

Golly that little guy has got to feel better with that mess out of him. Here's to a speedy recovery for sweet Ted!

Poor little guy. I'm sending my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery Teddy. Here's a kiss too.

He must have been in enormous pain....poor baby! My heart is filled with gratitude to everyone involved...and my prayers now are with little Teddy for an uneventful recovery...and a happy life in his sunset years. Be strong, Teddy...and know you are loved!

I wish the people who dumped him off had dumped him off six months ago. Or more.

Good God, another post I cried through. I'm so grateful to all of you. Bless his little heart.
I look forward to reading updates on this little guy.
(p.s. I don't have a glallbladder either, Teddy! You can do it.)

Oh, my God. Here I am with tears in my eyes for the little fellow. He was meant to come to you at this time. Be well, Teddy

This was certainly a God thing. The way everything has fallen into place & the timing of everything. Thank you for helping this sweet little angel live to see another day!

Teddy, our continued prayers for a full recovery!

Oh my goodness, what a lucky dog! Having this thing inside must have been awful, never mind when it's rupturing! What IS that black stuff, bile of years past?
Sooooo good that you went through with the surgery....

I've been crying about Teddy all week, being dropped off and being so thin. But now I'm absolutely sobbing (good tears) - what a blessing in disguise to him that he got rid of those people who actually thought they were getting rid of him!! May he have many happy healthy years left, I'm sure he is feeling a LOT better already.

Thank you so much for what you guys are doing for the voiceless ones - and teaching us.
Enjoy your weekend.

Get better soon Teddy! They are missing you at RDR!

Vicki in Everett,WA

Goodness, I hope he pulls through okay, the little love. Was he in pain beforehand, then?

You guys are such absolute stars for everything you do for these little ones.

(Also, psst: I think you mean the lining of his gallbladder was half a *centimeter* thick, since half a millimeter is actually pretty thin... :P)

What a precious little face on a dear little dog! He came to RDR on Angel wings and it was meant to be that, like so many before him, that you would be his Saviours. I will hold him in my thoughts & prayers for a gentle, speedy recovery. He deserves a kind life, and with you, at the ranch, he will have that and MORE! Get well soon, Teddy!

Thank god everything went well!! I will still keep praying for Teddy's full recovery. Hope he will soon be enjoying his new life at RDR.

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