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July 06, 2009


One of the Dachshunds in our family was named Walter, and he loved his hotdogs; if they were cut up, he would eat them; if they weren't cut up, he would walk the yard looking for various places to bury them. He would always look around to see who might be watching before he let go of the hotdog. It was so very funny when he would look around every which way before he decided no one was watching :-)
R.I.P., our beloved Walter.

Austin gets an A from me without even taking the Bone 101 class.

hahaha, just went to see Ice Age 3 yesterday....guess who Austin reminds me of??

It's the last picture that makes this post, for me; it's great!

HA - I sure hope Austin gets over his frustration!-and refinds the less than ideal bone. There is also a commercial, I think for an investment company, in which an adorable little dog that look like a JRT mix brings several bones to his true love before she accepts him/it. Such longing in his little face.

That is hilarious! I am laughing out loud! I suppose to all dogs a bone is a bone as long as it can be buried in a secret hiding place.

I know you all don't watch much TV but there is a Travelers Insurance commercial that's been on recently. This story immediately reminded me of it because it's so darn cute. It is all about a dog trying to find the best place to keep his bone safe. The finale is he puts it back in the original spot but a little red umbrella is over the spot & he finally is able to rest easy that his prized possession is protected.

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