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July 19, 2009


What a precious spirit - he has persevered against all the odds and I thank Rolling Ranch for being his sanctuary. The work you do is immeasurable in any terms. God bless the animals.

First the shock of thinking somebody would dump this dog, then the shock of seeing his condition!!
THANK GOD he's at Rolling Dog Ranch. Teddy this is the First Day of the Rest of your Life!!! You are a doll.

I just saw this new addition and I can't wait to see how long it takes the two of you to fatten this little guy up. And I vote that Steve should get an added bonus vote for this decision!!

Sounds like Teddy has a heart ready to love, and to be loved. Thanks for doing what so many of us wish we could do.
Supporting RDR is a joy and its a privlege to be a small part of something so BIG in the lives of these critter's!
Thanks Steve for sharing their stories with us. They are always so touching, inspiring and encouraging. I admire the work you and Alayne are doing. Please don't stop. The horses and dogs fortunate enough to have found their way to RDR have truly found their little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Bless you all!

I once fostered a wee dog like Teddy. She was found in traffic hardly able to walk because of her matted hair. It was difficult to tell her front from her rear, she had only 1 eye & no teeth. But she had spunk & personality. She was adopted & had a great 3 years as the center of attention of both children & adults.

You go, Teddy!

Congrats on your newest addition! I don't know who's luckier-you and Alayne or Teddy. This is DEFINATELY a win/win! Thank goodness Teddy was dropped him off by the side of the road-now he's been given a new lease on life. As always, best regards to ALL the followers of this blog and especially to Steve and Alayne and RDR!!! Welcome home, Teddy!

Welcome home Teddy, welcome home!
Thank you Steve and Alayne from the bottom of my very grateful heart for giving these precious animals a forever home....
You're the BEST!!!!!
Lots of love and hugs to everyone at RDR!

33 comments on this little guy!! I'll make it 34. He is a cutey pie.
So are the others, God bless em. Keep up the good work.

I am looking forward to seeing Teddy fattened up and covered with his natural length hair. Steve will have to update his pictures on a regular basis.
Madison has also stolen my heart, and I smile big when I see that funny face.

Oh what a cutey!!! Welcome to heaven on earth Teddy!

Oh, Teddy, I'm so glad you found your way to Rolling Dog Ranch! I just can't imagine a human doing this to you... it just breaks my heart... but it brings my heart such JOY to know you will now have a happy life with Steve and Alyane and all your new friends. Take care now little one...

Barbara & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

That second photo just breaks my heart.

It's so sad to realize there are many, many Teddys out there.

But, I will make myself pause and feel gratitude that there is now one less, thanks to RDR.

And may the compassionate person who called Animal Control be granted many blessings.

I have a little 'Teddy' of my own under the same circumstances. Old,dumped off, one eye, feeble, deaf, horrible teeth, incontinent etc, etc. I named him Igor. :) Great little dog. Sending you a donation for Teddy.

I agree, Steve should get a bonus Executive Decision.

Forgot...Please give us all an update on his medical condition after his visit on Tuesday. Y'know, we all worry about these things!

Hi precious little Teddy -- You have hit the S&A/RDR jackpot - you are in for some sweet living. Can't wait to see some pics when Teddy is a bit plumper - in the meantime these pictures make me happy - to know that this little love is in puppy paradise.
Thanks Steve, Alayne, and all the people and critters who make RDR possible.

Give tiny Teddy a kiss for us out here. He looks too fragile to hug! How can people do such things? I'd like to take away his previous owners (they sure were care givers) groceries for a couple weeks and see how they like it. Interesting to note he wanted on YOUR lap. Maybe he is YOUR minion?!

Teddy is adorable. What a joy to know he'll never be hungry, neglected or mistreated again. Hugs to all.

Really, Steve, I don't think this even counts as a decision. How could anyone with a heart do anything but take in Teddy. Alayne, I'm sure, would have done the same thing if you'd been on the road. Once again I'm in tears knowing how cruel some people can be, and so grateful that there are people who will give a little creature like Teddy some good weeks, months, or years in his life.

Teddy is in the right home now! We can't fathom him being left but that's in the past and's good food, good caretaking and clean air for him
and for his humans and RDR lovers? Smiles at a wagging tail, laughs at Teddy boy antics and sheer joy.
Welcome to the ranch Teddy!

Poor Teddy what a cutie, may he have many long years with you.

Welcome Teddy!!Life is going to be great for you from here on out!!!!!!!!Thank you Steve for that great executive decision!!!Thanks Steve & Alayne for all you do!!!!!!!!!!

Steve, I think you should get an extra bonus decision for taking on Teddy. With a teeny tiny little guy like that, how could you go wrong? The next time he goes to sleep on your chest, I hope Alayne can get a pic of him for the blog.
Alayne, can Steve please get 3 decisions this year for being so wise as to take in Teddy? Please?
Big hugs for all you do,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I meant "now that he's with you ...".

Steve, let me thank YOU for having a heart as big as a whale (or even bigger:-))!

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes... It just breaks my heart seeing how emaciated Teddy is, but I know he's going to put some much needed fat on those ribs in no time at all, now that he's with you and Alayne.

I can just picture him sleeping contentedly on your chest: he must have thought he had died and gone to (doggy) heaven!:-)

Welcome to the RDR, sweet boy!

Teddy, you are proof unconditional love. Even though someone treated you badly you were able to come into a situation where there was lots of other animals & new people and still able to take a risk and trust enough to finally get the LOVE you so deserve. Welcome home Teddy, welcome home.......

Teddy! I'm sending a little donation your way from my home in Seattle to help with your veterinary expenses. My name is Huckleberry - I was dumped at a kill shelter in terrible shape, too. You've hit the jackpot - drink in the loving care!

I cannot get over how thin he is and what his past life must have been like all of his twelve years. I am always amazed or maybe nieve to think that humans continually do something like this to such gentle creatures without guilt.

What a cute old guy. My Lena, now 18, was 12 when I adopted her. So I'm sure now that Teddy has lots of love and attention, he'll have many more happy years. And once those bad teeth are fixed up, he'll eat plenty and gain some weight. I think he's just learning how wonderful a life he'll have. And with other doggies friends! Thanks for taking care of him. (He might like to meet Granny!.)

Is it possible, maybe, that the person who abandoned little Teddy had rescued him from his owner without the owner's knowledge? Whatever the story, I sure am glad he's at RDR. It will be heaven on earth for this little fellow, that's for sure. Welcome, Teddy!
Hey, Steve, maybe you'll earn an extra executive decision for the year because this one worked out so well! :)

Welcome Teddy!!

Welcome Teddy......can't wait to see you all fattened up with shiny, clean teeth!

What a DOLL Teddy is! Glad he is unfazed by the transfer to RDR. He's clearly figured out that he stumbled onto something good. :)

Bless the person who saw this happen and took action, and rot the people responsible for his condition. I cannot wait for the updates as he returns to health!

I agree, it is an amazing executive decision! (I'd like to make an executive decision re: the humans who mistreated him.) Teddy, you are now in good hands during your sunset years. Welcome to the ranch!

Welcome Teddy! Steve is Teddy your minion or was he waiting for Alayne to return home?

Vicki in Everett

I hope the person that saw Teddy dumped was able to get a license plate? I cant believe someone would do such a thing. We've had a rash of animal cruelty here in Oregon and it just makes me wonder what on earth is wrong with people!! Teddy's in good hands now! Hope to hear more about him in the future! : )

What a little sweetie. It just breaks my heart to see the older dogs tossed aside, but at least he has his forever home now.
Congrats on the great decision.

OMG! Tears!! But tears of joy, joy, joy for Teddy. What a little Spunkster. And what a perfect name. It suits him perfectly. Perfect. Perfection.

It seems that Teddy has already figured out the "deal" at RDR. Two large suckers, er, people who run the place and a bunch of new friends. It sure beats being starved and left by the side of the road. (Thanks to that kind person who called Animal Control, too.)

Welcome, welcome, Teddy, you little sweetheart! Kisses on your little nose.

What a great story -- Teddy is so lucky that you saved your executive decision for him. Thanks so much for all you do -- Teddy is destined for a wonderful life.

God bless you both & God Bless Teddy! This is one of those blogs that makes me laugh & cry before I finished. I love the way he was introduced to Alayne. I bet it didn't take much for her to fall in love. I see those pictures & want to make him mine. Oh, how I wish I could. I have wanted a little lap dog for so long. Teddy is one lucky little guy to have found his way to RDR. He looks so content & I can just tell from his last picture he is happy to be there knowing he is going to be fed, loved & cared for.

Twitter: @CFitz; @Erin_SweetKitty

I can't tell you how thankful I am that Teddy was not only rescued but wound up with you. (He reminds me a bit of little Ricky, bless his heart).
I hope he has a long and healthy rest of his life at the RDR.
And you are so funny with your "executive decisions" schtick. I have a feeling you and Alayne operate and communicate almost as one.

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