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July 29, 2009


I just found you guys. All I can say is you have a great following of people who care. There must be a reason for that and I am going to check out Rolling Dog Ranch to see what it is all about. Congratulations on your win. I am sure you more than deserve it.

Woohoo! I'm so glad you got that far! Next year: You're #1!!

It wasn't hard for me to vote, every day; I simply made it a part of my early morning routine, when I sit at the computer. Now, I feel as if I'm forgetting something, with no voting to do! :o)


It was a pleasure to vote every day.

And of course, next year we should be aiming for 2nd or even 1st place.

Best wishes for all!!

Congratulations! Yea for RDR!! I have to say, your reminder at the end of the daily blog was very helpful. So lest you think you were being pushy, you weren't! I needed the nudge. It tickles me that all of us out here pushing some buttons could help in some small way. If you make your reminder ALL IN CAPS, maybe next year we can push you up to second place!

We Love you guys! I made it a point to drive into town and pirate off wireless just to vote!!

Heather Reeves & Timmy (the wonder dog)

A well deserved win and I couldn't be happier for you and all the special animals you care for. I'm sure the dogs are all hoping you spend the $ on more fluffy beds and chew toys.

Well done! I am so pleases that the RDR is getting some of the money that you so dearly deserve & thrilled that so many of "us" voted for you on a continual basis. It was an honor to make sure that you got this money & I felt that it was the least that I could do. If we can't help each other, then why are we here?
Big hugs & congrats,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Coming 3rd just goes to show how much of an impact you have had on US!

Congrats guys - you really do deserve it!!

So happy to hear this. A once-a-day click is so easy, especially compared to the hard work you put in every day. I'm glad that there is such a simple but effective way for everyone who cares about Rolling Dog Ranch to make a small contribution.

I'm pulling for Teddy! I love the "big dog in a small package" types. They're a handful, but they brighten up every minute of your day.

Congratulations! I was happy to vote. Any plans for the money?! Hooray for the RDR!

Lynne Parker said it best--it's like helping FAMILY, a wonderful, loving, furry, fuzzy family! And Diane B. made a great point about Animal Planet's TV show--hey, producers, let's see a show about RDR! What an inspiring counterpoint that would be to the many so-called reality shows that celebrate selfishness and trash living.

Steve and Alayne, you earn every nickel of your prize every single day at RDR. You're the greatest!

Congratulations. Your hard work is admired and obviously validated by all who voted, and more I am sure. You are incredible people. Of course the "kids" are incredible too.

And in addition to the unanimous joy, it's really nice to see these "internet things" can be for real! Yay!

WOO HOO! Soo well deserved!!!!

Barbara & Frankie

YAY!!!! So happy and proud. Steve, Alayne and all the precious animals at RDR deserve this prize and much much more.

Thanks for all you do!!!

It's been amazing and a joy to connect with RDR and it's special animals. You and Alayne are super heros and obviously there's a lot of love to support that belief.
We are so happy to have been apart of the shelter challenge.
We know you'll keep up the fantastic work!
Hugs and love to you ALL!


I can't think of people who deserve it more!

Congratualtions from this was the least I could do, considering what all of you do!

Thank you for doing so much. Clicking on a computer is easy. You guys are the best!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you all!

It isn't hard to remember to vote when you're checking in every day to find out how Teddy is doing --- not to mention all the other precious animals at Rolling Dog. Please don't forget to give us more info - and don't forget the cats. What's new with Herbie? Tibby and Fibby? Remember, we love them all. And we know you use every dollar that comes your way wisely and well.

This one's for Teddy!


I am so happy it is official & I am proud to be one of the many that helped reached this fantastic prize.

Unfortunately, my finances are not good this year as so many people are experiencing & I have not been able to support the charities that I hold close to my heart. Being able to help you all get this money makes my heart soar with happiness.

I adore RDR and as I said in a previous post my dream is to visit you all one day. Much love to Steve, Alayne & all the furry babies!!!

Congratulations!! You certainly deserve this award. How awesome!

What an honor to vote everyday. I hope the coverage brings more awareness to the important and wonderful work that is done at RDR!!
BRAVO to the animals, you and Alayne!!!!!!!!!!!

RDR supporters are the BEST !!

I am so happy for all of the residents of RDR :)

How WONDERFUL! Well deserved. I tried to remember to vote every day....I know I missed a few but not many. THANK YOU for the wonderful work that you do.

Suzanne in VA

Congratulations on winning the third prize! You and the animals, of course, deserve this and then some!!! When do we begin voting again?!!

You're welcome... and congrats on 3rd place! And THANK YOU for the wonderful work you do with the precious animals in your care.

You deserve the congrats, Steve and Alayne. You take the time to write blog entries, take and post photographs, update Facebook and now Twitter. This all takes time and most of us can imagine how time-consuming your ranch chores are already.
The fact that you go the extra mile to include everyone out here in the loop speaks volumes and makes us want to help you. We feel included.
And who doesn't want to help family?

Congrats, Just looking at some one like Teddy how could you not vote every day!

WOO HOO! Congratulations to you!!!! and to all of us who voted. I miss voting... we will have to get an early start in 2010! Thank you for eerything you do every day for all the RDR kids.... Speaking of kids, how is that goat??

My own finances have declined this year so I have not been able to give the amount of cash I normally do to my fave animal charities including RDR. Because of this, I felt like it was an HONOR to be able to support you all through a daily vote. Many, many CONGRATS and many, many THANKS to all who voted.

This is a remarkable acheivement considering the 1st prize group has it's own show on Animal Planet!
Voting for RDR was something I looked forward to every day.
Can't wait to see how you do in 2010!!!

You deserve it and so do all your sweet creatures. I just don't know what to do with myself now that I don't have to vote!


You and Alayne, the Doxies and the Beagles, the Labs, the Goldens, and the Sheperds, the residents of Widget's House, Kelly's Cottage, Hoedad's House, the Appaloosas and all the residents of Beauty's Barn and Scout's Barn, and all the others I forgot to mention, are all very welcome, and certainly very deserving. Voting each day is miniscule work compared to what you and Alayne do every day for these beautiful creatures. Consider this my heart's way of supporting RDR. If only I could do more...Thank YOU!!!!!!!


You and the animals are all so deserving! Happy Dance.............

Thank You for being there for the animals! You totally deserve this prize! CONGRATS !!

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