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July 16, 2009


Wendy thank you for continuing to keep us updated on these 2 wonderful kids. I love how many different, fun things you do to make their lives so special. You are truly blessed to have them in your life as they are to have you!

Love the costumes, they are hilarious. It should have been a tie!!

Love the picture of Stoney sitting with Wendy! Yup, Stoney believing I am little, I am little, I am little.

Glad to see someone else's black lab does that--my Lucy will put herself in most awkward position to sit on my lap, head, etc. it's nice to be loved though!

Twitter-exciting, I just started to follow u! Great way to spread word about your good & important work for animals!

What a great story. Those two are very lucky doggies. And cute costumes, too!

Ha, ha, ha...I've never posted a comment, but I have to this time!

Wendy, I'm sorry, but it's a good thing Stoney and Baron are both blind. Otherwise they might look in the mirror and freak out at what their "mom" is dressing them up in! :O)

Great pictures...and a wonderful life these two have been given. THANK YOU for sharing!

Hands down there should have been a tie!!! These two found the PERFECT home! Wendy you make me smile!

It's so nice to see photos of the adopted dogs and cats. We appreciate you sharing them.

Love the twitter thing. Your brief comments during the day give a new dimension to our understanding of your daily chores. And I also look forward to meeting the new kid you mentioned in a "tweet".

Yes, everyone, keep voting and use different browsers. I've got three and tonight as I voted the animals used to verify my vote were a lion, a tiger, and a bear! (Oh, my!) If you can vote at home and at work, do that too!

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