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July 21, 2009


Our fingers are crossed for Charlie. I'm so glad we could send him to you with the resources that you have. Someday we hope to have a robust fund for doing these types of things. Thank you guys so much!!

We hope Charlie and Teddy get good reports back. If Charlie needs surgery, he's in one of the best places to receive it!

I actually feel sad for the person who dumped Teddy on the sidewalk. Who could such a person be who would throw love away with both hands? What kind of life could one lead who is so bereft of compassion? That must be the definition of hell itself, to be so separated from your source.
I'd love to see Teddy's face when you come back for him, Steve. So very glad he's with you now.

wonderful post!

Wow, I sure hope we get good news about both these boys! Fingers crossed...
Poor Teddy! I bet he'll be excited like Madison was when you go back to get him. When I had to leave one of my girls at the Vet, they suggested I sleep in an old tee shirt the night before and then bring it to leave in the kennel with her. I don't know if it helped her or not, but I felt a little better about leaving her.

When we lived in Helena, we were lucky to end up with Dr. Culver and the other vets at the MT Veterinary Specialists and General Care taking care of our beagle. And due to an series of small incidents (seeds getting stuck in an ear during a hike, a beagle who wouldn't eat and didn't want to go for walks, a broken claw), Ben saw them more than the normal pet should see a vet. We began to joke that he set himself up for problems just so that he could go to the vet and get doted on.

Every time you blog about these great vets, I'm comforted to know that your animals are getting such great care.

I have really high hopes for little Teddy, and for Charlie's eyes. I know doggies function more by smell than by sight, but it would be nice if he could see the faces of the two-leggers who love and care for him.

And I have had hard thoughts...bad thoughts...about the people who had Teddy before they mercifully dumped him at the side of a road.

My prayers are with Blind Charlie. That would be beyond awesome if his sight could be corrected. Anxiously waiting to hear the results.

I know Teddy will feel like a new puppy after he gets all his medical needs addressed. I am crazy about this little guy & I still wish I could swoop him up & bring him to live with Erin & me. I bet he didn't like it at all being left at the Vet's office. He knows he has found a great place at RDR & doesn't want to miss a thing.

So glad to hear Oliver is doing well. Poor Teddy he must have thought he was left behind again. Hurry Home!

Isn't technology amazing!? 10 years ago we couldn't have imagined the toys we have to work with today. Just think what will be available 10 years from now!

Changing the subject--I just love Teddy. Look at that face! What ingredients does this sweetie have in him--part Yorkie? If I could get to Montana, I'd take him off your hands today! Older dogs are the best new friends to welcome home : )

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