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July 28, 2009


Teddy you are wonderful! You are in my thoughts and prayers.I just want to hug that little guy!

Feel better soon Teddy so you can go home to your wonderful new life at RDR! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers sweet boy.

It has been easy for me to take a minute every day since April to vote for your sanctuary... especially when animals like Teddy get all the chances they deserve to heal and thrive at your ranch. Congrats and know that many of us continue to check on Callie, Teddy and others every day.
XO and licks, Libby

What a cutie! I sure hope the surgery does the trick. Sending love and kisses to Teddy.

Sending healthy pleas to the Cosmos for Teddy. Hoping everything goes well and that cutie pie has lots of time left to enjoy the love at RDR

Congrats on the win!! I have been voting everyday for you. I love your blog and the work you do gives me hope for a brighter future for all animals.

Teddy is looking better to me - as though he is filling out a bit. Glad he is eating like a little piggy! Go Teddy!!!

Gosh - I sure hope everything goes well. Please let us know. I will be thinking of him!

Poor Teddy! Bladder surgery is not fun. Been there, done that... with my dog, Jack. It was tough for about a week after (especially the first couple of days), but the stones are out and that's what counts.

We'll keep Teddy in our prayers and hope for good results!

Teddy's pictures shows a pup feeling a little better.
He's in out thoughts as he enters surgery; he's got the best doc's so we know he'll be in great hands!

Poor thing. He's so cute. I prya he pulls through abd has a few good years at the ranch. Well worth spending the money. Let us know if you need to start a Teddy Fund.

Congratulations on the Shelter win! I thanked all the people who I had asked to vote every day for their help and support for the Ranch. Look what we were able to accomplish! Teddy looks like he feels better already in the photo. Hopefully the surgery will produce more good news which will help get his diabetes under control. I'll be glad when he's back home with you guys. We're all sending good wishes his way.

Teddy stole my hear the moment I saw him...I once rescued an old little yorkie with deformed hips who was only 3lbs...he had severe allergies, too. Teddy reminds me a lot of him...I managed to fatten Wart up to 5 pounds and his last few years were lived with me as his devoted slave....I hope Teddy has the same kind of future..regardless of how long that may be.

What a little sweet little angel!! I will keep Teddy in my heart and will think good thoughts for him...

Teddy, sweetheart, I have been praying for you baby boy & I will continue. I will also be praying for your doctors that God will continue to guide them in healing you & getting you on the road to recovery.

Hang in there Steve & Alayne.

i am sending much love and strength to little Teddy. keep us posted on what i am sure will be the optimistic updates!

Oh Teddy.. You just tug at my heart strings!! Lots of good thoughts coming your way from Downunder!!

I was hoping for news about Teddy. Hang in there, little guy. You have wonderful people helping you now, so hold on and let them give you a chance for a good quality of life in your "retirement". I just want to snuggle you up.

In the above picture you can tell he already looks so much better!! Teddy is in our thoughts and prayers. What a special little fella but aren't they all.

Teddy looks much healthier in this photo.....I hope because he is getting some nourishment now. I know surgery is never something to look forward to but if it will help him get better and feel better, then that is awesome!

Like Callie before him, Teddy will have lots of love and prayers sent his way by RDR followers. How can you not root for this little cutie patootie who had such a hard time of it in life up to this point?

Send my love and positive thoughts that Teddy will soon be romping around in the fields with all the others very soon!!!! Cheers Teddy.......xoxo

Teddy, of course you're in my thoughts. I hope you will be do well in your surgery. I'll be thinking of you. You deserve the best. I'll bet you're feeling better already.

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