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July 30, 2009


How interesting; I didn't know eyesight was connected to the shedding factor. Education all wrapped up in this great blog? Doesn't get any better.

Was Dusty brushed out or shaved? Have you considered shaving all your long haired dogs for the summer months? We just shaved our 15 year old lab/retriever mix for the FIRST TIME this summer and what a difference it has made!! NO shedding, NO excessive panting to try and cool off in the summmer heat and the best part - we can let her get wet whenever she wants and she'll dry in about an hour.

Dusty must feel several pounds lighter! What a good boy to let Debbie touch him for what was undoubtedly quite a while. Thanks Debbie.

Very interesting and very refreshing for Dusty, I am sure.
He looks great!

I'm guessing one whole lint roller wasn't enough to de-fur Debbie when she was through! I have a cat who drops fur like this and right now chunks of fur are falling. She's Maine Coon so I guess I'm not going to come home and find a bald cat but you'd sure think so by the chunks. At least they are easy to pick up!

Miranda and Erin (the shedder)

Wow...enough fur for a litter of puppies! Thanks, Debbie, for what had to be a very long grooming session...I am sure Dusty is grateful!

That's so funny! After we clip our black lab/chow mix there is enough left over to build another dog!

I didn't realize that blindness and shedding were related. I always learn something from you!

Good job Debbie--looks like the furminator got to Dusty---I'm glad he had some human contact because it's not easy for that beautiful Husky boy to be around his two legged friends!!!!

I'm guessing a Furminator was involved. And I'll bet he feels soooo much better!

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