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July 15, 2009


Lynne that is a beautiful story!

I believe rainbows are a sign of love too. That's why when our special furry ones leave us they all go to Rainbow Bridge. And, RDR is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbows in MT.

I found you on Twitter. I'm excited you are doing this. It's fun to see the daily activities. You all are going a great job. Just Tweet anything you like. I have been on it for a while & really enjoy it.

This just goes to reconfirm what all your most fortunate "pack" already knows... that RDR is the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow. Simply beautiful! Enjoy.

Love the rainbows!

Have fun on Twitter; I don't do it myself. How about doing a Facebook Page? That would get the RDR word out in a big way.

What a wonderful image! I just love rainbows!:-)

Thank you, Steve, for sharing this magic with us.

P.S.: We're having a hot spell here in Italy, too.:-/

Do you really have time to Twitter--well maybe if you had an I-Phone! :)

I'll stick to the daily Blog.

Steve - People don't have to sign up to follow you. They can either go to the web page and read what you are saying or they can sign up with using a news reader (RSS).

If someone wants to message you through Twitter, they do have to sign up. - K

As for twittering or tweeting, you could check out The Daily Coyote at She doesn't tweet every day, but you can get some ideas.

(As you can see, I don't 'cause I don't think I conjugated that verb correctly.)

I had held out on the twitter thing too, but joined just now.
Just for you guys! And two thumbs up on the bread!!

That is beautiful. Every time I see a rainbow I think of a story my friend Greg told me.

Greg was with me through my late husband's illness and at the time of his death. He had a hard time dealing with it and while driving one day he prayed, "Jay, just let me know you are okay."
As he crested a rise, there was a full rainbow, stretching from horizon to horizon. He continued on and kept seeing little fragments of rainbows everywhere he looked. Finally, laughing, he said, "Okay, okay, I get it! You're okay!" The rainbows faded.
As he told me this I was smiling and nodding.
"Did you know that Jay won an award when he worked in community theater," I asked Greg. He shook his head and I pointed to the little Oscar-looking statue on the mantle, and explained.
"He won that for Best Lighting."

So, I believe in the light that comes from love. With all the love at the RDR, no wonder you have beautiful rainbows!

Tweeting! OMG.....
Saw on tweet there's a new dog at the ranch. Looking forward to meeting him(her)soon.

the weathers been funny

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