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June 25, 2009


That's a great dane for you.....extremely gentle! Speaking of, how about an update on Blanca? We adopted a deaf dane great dane last November and she's a handful but also so sweet. My daughter's basset puppy is in love with the danes!

Wow....I'd be hanging out with Dirk too. What great markings; he is beautiful!

And Bindi is all grown up; obviously very smart and makes good decisions. Look who his friends are!

Thanks for the update Cassie; it was a treat to see Bindi and congrats on your new doggie addition.

What a sweet picture! We all need to have a protector every now & then. GD's definitely are gentle giants! My neighbors have a GD & a chihuahua. It is the most hilarious twosome but they are the best of buds. The funniest sight of all & can make you double over laughing is watching the chihuahua chase the GD.

Bindi, what a tall handsome boyfriend you have!

I wish Bindi could see herself to see how cute she is - but I have a feeling she knows anyway! - and I think that handsome dude Dirk does too. Love this adorable photo!

Oh my! I was so smitten with Nevada, as she looks SO much like my Annie Bear. Such a wonderful home. Bindi, you have come SO far. Thrilled for you all. Thanks for making my day.

Off topic and this has probably appeared on the blog before but if anyone would like to read a great article on RDR and get some GREAT screensavers, go here:

Talk about all creatures great and small! What a fabulous looking couple. Dirk is a handsome fella!

Bindi/Nevada has found a gorgeous boyfriend for herself... Good for her!:-)

They certainly make an odd but adorable couple.

Thank you so much for posting such sweet updates on the RDR alumni.

A picture says a thousand words. I have a picture of "Nevada" when I visited the ranch for my 50th birthday! It's good to see her grown up and with such a handsome boyfriend!

Thank you for posting these wonderful "after action" reports. I love hearing how the RDR Alumni are doing.
My single experience with Great Danes revealed a gentle nature also. When my little mini schnauzer was a puppy she played with an adult GD. Although his head was bigger than her whole body, he was exceedingly gentle with her and seemed to delight in her playfulness.

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