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June 04, 2009


What a great photo! My lab cross also likes to get into a rubber water tub I use in the summer for him...he will even sort of dig in the water with his front paws and splash it all over himself to cool down! I am now thinking of a kiddie pool for my dogs. They add such joy to our lives..thank you for all the work you do!!!

I agree with several of the other posts, I think she's telling you she wants a wading pool. If the bucket were bigger, I bet she'd get in it! She's cooling it the best she can.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I think I'll try the ice tea thing.

Maybe she's checking the quality of the water. Who better for the "job" than a lab?

Keep up the creativity girl. It's adorable!

She is truly a character. Always coming up with a new way to do things. It's wonderful she just makes her life so entertaining & supplies us all with some laughs. It a double way to enjoy the water, drink & cool off at the same time. Is it time for the wading pools? I remember a YouTube video with Callie in a wading pool. And, of course, she had her own unique way of enjoying it too.

Go figure. A lab who likes to stand in water!! Boy is she true to her breed or what! What a sweet heart.
It would be fun to take her and some of your other "water breed" dogs swimming. Especially on those hot days. You would get some great photo shots, a few laughs and you could get cooled off to by a few free sprinkles from the dogs as they shake off the excess H2O.

I think it is a Lab thing. ;)

What a cutie that Samantha is! Life is what you make it.

On a serious note, I've heard the recommendation that it is an excellent way to cool off dogs, who may be experiencing heat distress- through cooling the pads of their feet. But this is not Samantha's case, :)

ps: I can imagine she might REALLY enjoy a little wading pool if she's not too arthritic.

Maybe she does this so the edge of the bucket runs across her chest instead of across her throat. I have two large dogs and two "short legs" and the smaller ones prefer to drink out of the smaller water dish.

I love Sam. I grabbed a photo from her page (of the three it is the picture on the left) and set it as my desktop. I smile every time I see it!

It's full-body experience this way.
(Maybe it helps her know exactly where the bucket is and that it won't move.)

That's our girl with such personality--what a real sweetheart!!!

Inspired by Samantha, I tried sticking my toe in my ice tea at dinner, but somehow it just didn't work for me ;-)

Oh goody!! Pictures of one of my favorites!! Isn't she gorgeous? I wonder if she'd like one of those kiddie wading pools???

Sam's portrait on the cover of your last newsletter is truly a wonderful shot. And it was nice to read her bio, now complete with answers to the nagging questions of why someone would "abandon" such a beautiful, sweet animal.

How's Mr. Moose doing??

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