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May 20, 2009


It must have been a sibling rivarly moment for the attention of Trooper. When Molly figured out it wasn't getting them any attention from him she ran off to find someone else to flirt with.

Maybe Trooper decided there was more to be gained by staring at you then messing with those silly sisters.........a treat, perhaps? :)

Still voting every day as are friends !!!!

I love the poodle sisters and glad you wrote about them. However, you're waaaaay overdue for a goat story, a horse story, and a cat story (you still have them right?).

It's nice to see the dogs are getting to enjoy spring! I'm sure they love it when the weather gets nicer like this. And on a voting note, it's going to be really important to vote this weekend. Take the time because you know the other sanctuaries will move ahead if we don't. And I've been able to vote more than once a day on the same PC. Not sure why. I've gone back later in the day and was able to vote, so I guess that's worth a try, too.

How much longer does this contest last? I'm voting every day!

How wonderful that you posted a shot of my homeboy Trooper. Although, I still don't know what my fellow Cajun sees in those prissy poodle sisters!! LOL

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