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May 31, 2009


Another life lesson from Man's best friend. If you can't play the game anymore, just change the game!! Oh, if I just had the wisdom they do!.

My blind deaf guy plays fetch better than most sited able bodied dogs. You can throw his toy into a whole basket of other toys and he comes back with the one we were playing with. He is the most amazing guy.

Along the lines of the rolling scented ball, try a scented drag toy. We had a dachshund in the past we played hide and seek with by covering her eyes and then pulling her favorite toy around and "hiding" it. She would play that game for hours (or as long as we would keep hiding the toy).

The pull toys I sent to you made by my class has anise seed in them. Hopefully she can smell that to find a sock toy to play with.

That is a great idea about the "scented ball".

Also the lower frequency sounds might be something she could still hear.

Sending love to you today beautiful girl.

What a wonderful story! It's fantastic how animals live in the "now" & every single human should and/or do learn life lessons from them. Live in the moment & when life puts a roadblock in the way find a way around it with joy & someone to play with. Thank you for this post, it certainly does make me "paws" & remind myself how life is to be lived.

Adaptation. Evelyn has shown humans how to adapt to whatever Mother Nature throws at us. Because she has a new limitation (disability) that interfered with her regular way of enjoying life, she adapted and found a new way of playing. What a lovely girl Animals have a wonderful way of showing us humans how to live in "the now." We can learn so much from them. Thank you for your update. It is inspirational and thought provoking.

What a beautiful post. I'm going to forward this to a friend whose dog just went blind. It is hard to watch our animals go through this, but as you said, "But it's in the nature of these disabled animals not to let these kinds of setbacks get to them. No, life is all about living, and you pick yourself up and get going again."
Animals continue to amaze me at their adversity. We can learn so much from them. I know I have and I'm so very grateful.

~Barbara Techel
Author & proud Mom of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Another idea for Evelyn. If she can hear certain sounds, perhaps put that sound in a Kong toy ( jingle bell, rattle, rocks in a can) I like Barb's idea too. Scent the ball and roll it for her to catch. :)

How about a ball with a bell inside?

Evelyn's story of her fetching skills was on another website which led me to your blog which I now read daily. So, she's pretty darn special to me. Plus, I have labs. Black ones.
Glad her weight loss was "cured" but what happened to Penny? I remember a cancerous tumor was discovered on her toe at the same time Evelyn was having her weight loss issues.

Animals are so resilient and resourceful!

I'm glad sweet Evelyn has found a new game for you BOTH to enjoy!
It wouldn't be much of a game without you. ; )

Have you tried putting a stronger scent on the ball, and then rolling it?

Evelyn has found a new way to play.Life is GOOD! Maybe us humans can learn a thing or two from this gal.

It's heartwarming to know that you take the time to give each of the animals some individual attention - some "me" time. I know they must love it and I'm sure it's very rewarding for you, too. It's nice that the weather has turned warm so all the animals can spend time outside.

Hi RDR! I love your entire ranch! Your post on Evelyn got me to thinking.. her nose still works.. why can't she 'scent' for a ball? Assuming, of course, that it is scented? A lot of tracking dogs use just their noses to find items, and follow the scent trail to it. Just some idle thoughts as I read today's blog. We have just adopted an arthritic older German Shepherd, which is due in great deal to the wonderful testimonies you offer for your great animals at the ranch. Thanks!

Isn't it wonderful that Evelyn found another way to entertain herself?

I look forward to a snapshot of her playing tug-of-war.:-)

God bless her sweet soul!

Watching Evelyn fetch was a great joy each time we visited Rolling Dog. I'm sorry she can't do it any more ... but glad she is adapting to something new. It's a lesson for all of us -- our abilities change, but the joy in living must remain. Bless you, Evelyn.

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