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May 26, 2009


Spring & Love are in the air! What a beautiful story & a wonderful beginning of a whole new life for Daisy & Stuart! A huge thank you to Dan & Cheryl for giving 2 sweet dogs their forever home. Here's to many nights of sweet dreams & cuddles!

This is a wonderful happy ending...two precious beagles get adopted into a loving home! Hope there is a king-sized bed in the house!!!

Wonderful news. Magic happens! This is why we all vote for RDR and SO appreciate that you're there.

I just love that Daisy already has been accounting for Stuart in the pack.
CONGRATULATIONs for another "fairly tail" ending, :)

In my next life, I want to come back as a beagle at Dan and Cheryl's house.

"There was driving Miss Daisy now there's Grooming Miss Daisy!"

LOL, good one Gayle.

What a delightful story - and of course a delightful picture!! The part about Daisy getting Stuart into the loop made me laugh out loud. Thanks Daisy for bringing Stuart on board - or on bed, that is. :) Dan and Cheryl look agile in their poses and I have no doubt these 2 fur kids will keep them that way. Blessings to the foursome and thanks RDR as always.

Wonderful news!! Sure hope Dan and Cheryl have a king size bed!!

Steve: I wanted to let you know the blind boxer puppy, Mindy, was rescued yesterday! I love all this happy news.........

How awesome Dan and Cheryl are!!

I'm sure Stuart and Daisy will bring unexpected joy to your home. I'm thrilled for all of you!

A bigger bed might be in order? : )

*** Daisy and Stuart,sittin' in a tree***

Love is in the air !!!!!!! :)

There was driving Miss Daisy now there's Grooming Miss Daisy!! Sounds like two lucky dogs.

It makes me tear up to hear not one but two special dogs got themselves a loving home, all the best Daisy & Stuart!! And thanks Dan & Cheryl!!

On a side note, I've been faithfully voting for RDR in the contest everyday, hope everyone can help to push RDR from the 3rd position they seem to be stuck in to a higher place!! ;)

Congrats Stuart on your new forever home with Miss Daisy, Dan & Cheryl W. That pic looks like one happy family to me! Sounds like Stuart knows how to keep his woman happy....maybe he should write a blog!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

A wonderful move, Dan and Cheryl, and what a great idea not to stop at one...many happy cozy nights for all four of you! It is a beautiful family picture in this post, pleas keep us in mind for updates :-)!

Way to go, Stuart!:-)

I wish Cheryl, Dan, Daisy and Stu a long, healthy and happy life together!

Congratulations Stuart! Great news!

Loving the happy ending! Keep up with the good work.

I'm curious- do you allow any animal at your ranch to be adopted? I ask because I'm wondering about animals such as Widget or Callie, who you seem especially attached to (and who make the best blog material :P).

Now all the dogs on the Ranch will have dirty ears.

Congratulations Stuart! I will miss seeing your sweet face on the blog, so I hope your new friends send pictures!

That is so sweet! I love happy endings. I'll bet it's hard to let any of them go although you have to.
I'm happy for Stuart and Daisy both.

Stuart, you lucky dog!!

Atta boy Stuart! Way to charm the humans and Miss Daisy! Best of luck in your new home you lucky dog!

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