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May 05, 2009


Could Callie's head tilt and circling been the result of Canine Vestibular disease? I'm sure you already thought of that, but I know those symptoms can last a few weeks.

Charlie definitely took a body weight hit with the surgery to remove the towel from his guts. I'm very happy (and not as surprised as you might think) about his eye diagnosis. We always knew he has some sense of movement and/or light. Maybe your vet can try the N-Acetyl-Carnosine drops before doing surgery.

Whatever's up with his eyes his nose works perfectly fine! LOL!

Charlie - honey, you need those cookies to fill out that ribcage! Keeping Callie in my prayers, hoping she does keep getting better you do get to bring her home on Friday.

Charlie is so cute! I will be praying for him that good news will come his way. He is a skinny guy but in a few weeks living with you all he will be looking normal, I'm sure. Especially since he seems to have the nose for finding treats! Continued prayers for Callie & I know you're excited to be getting her home soon. Looking forward to some good news updates!

Charlie is such a sweet boy. Can't wait to see Callie.

Needless to say, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both Charlie & Callie, and looking forward to updates filled with encouraging news.

A big hug to you all from Italy.

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