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May 03, 2009


Oh my---thank you Barbara and Frankie!! Every single penny counts and what a generous gift you have given these animals. I have been behind on RDR blogs and am checking out Frankie's Web site right now--I already added it to my favorites :) Bless you and take care!

Way to go Barbara & Frankie. Your generosity & compassion will go a long way. Thank you for being such wonderful role models!!!

Thanks Frankie! Arf-A-Roo!

I apologize, Barbara and Frankie, if my remark seemed to belittle your donation amount. That was not my intention. Your generosity is second to none.

Way to go Barbara and Frankie! Very kind and generous of you! You are great and multi-faceted role models.

I check Frankie's blog everyday. What a gal!!!

A huge thank you to Frankie and Barbara for their donation!

So many wonderful things are happening in the world. Let's focus on some of those.

What an awesome gift! Thanks to Barbara and Frankie and blessings to them!

What sweet generosity from Frankie and Barbara. Every little bit helps!

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