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May 27, 2009


Bailey, you've got the good life!

Sweet Bailey, you are one of the luckiest dogs in the world.

Where is his drink with the little umbrella straw in it? ;)

That truly is a picture of complete & utter contentment. He really is living a dog's life with you guys. Come on leaves do your thing & give our Bailey some more shade!

Oh, this makes me wish I was a dog living on a ranch in Montana with the most wonderful people, Steve and Alayne!! Love the photo's!
Frankie loves it when it warms up too and spends lots of time on our deck soaking up the rays.



I'm glad you posted a closer shot of Bailey, he looks so content and comforted by his pink binky. : )

I love what you and Alayne do for the animals!

Oh to have a dog's life at Rolling Dog Ranch. Lucky Bailey.

A little shade, a comfy bed, a chew toy: what a perfect "doggy combination"!:-)

Bailey has plenty of reasons to be contented, hasn't he?

After a long, cold winter, this is just the most perfect way to spend a day. And not just for a dog. I was thinking of myself. What a good life you have, and deserve, sweet Bailey.

Just seeing these photos makes me realize again how much you do for the animals at The Ranch. Bailey lying there in complete contentment says it all.
Thanks for all you do for them!

Assuming Bailey didn't haul his bed out under the tree, here's another example of why I love RDR. You and Alayne care enough to 1) know this is his favorite place and 2) provide a soft bed to enhance his enjoyment. Y'all don't just take care of your animals. You really care about their individualness. (Is that a word??? LOL)

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