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April 27, 2009


I have a lot of wildlife even though I do live in the City. My house backs up to a greenbelt & I do see/smell the skunks. The dogs in the neighborhood scare them off though. I love how this one just hangs out & obeys the RDR rules. I have a nightly visit from a raccoon. He scales my fence & drinks from the bird bath. I love to watch him & if he sees me he will just stop what he is doing & stare at me, as if to say, ah, do you mind?

Ya know there is a Dog Whisperer & a Horse Whisperer but I think Steve & Alayne are Animal Whisperers. No matter what animal they all like you & seem to understand your communication.

My mother was obsessed with any kind of exotic animal. Growing up in Jacksonville Beach, we had a albino skunk named Pinky. It would sleep with the cats, eat with the cats and even used the litter box. Pinky lived for 11 or 12 years if I remember correctly. It was really hard to explain to my dates that we had a skunk!!
How is Callie doing? I hope ok.. I think of her often as I get radiation too. I have 7 more doses and I am finished. I hope Callie is done soon.

Annie Andrew is beautiful!!! She is a smart critter to know how to behave to get free food!!!

I would guess Annie is an Andrew because there are no kits around ...unless of course Annie is the ONLY skunk in the area.

You guys are moving up in the polls...keep on voting everyone!

I think the calm and loving vibes you guys give off and that the other animals reflect are felt by Annie Andrew and she/he doesn't feel threatened at all. What a great story and photos! Thank you! I live in the middle of a city and I feed cats that come by right now about five regulars plus a couple raccoons and a possum or two. You would think a hungry animal would eat just about any free food but that hasn't been my experience. I've put out off brands, cheap brands, regular store brands and it will sit for days with nobody touching it. I tried Science Diet and whoa baby! Everybody and their brother eats it. So I have two feeders and a waterer and the wildlife comes. Once two mom raccoons showed up with a total of 9 kids!!! It was wall to wall fur. You want to see cute? Fill up a large litter pan with water and throw in some plastic cat toys and watch the racs have fun!! Some serious Kodak moments!

Annie Andrew is a *neat* skunk, if skunks can be said to be neat. How funny it is that she seems to be an unofficial member of the RDR minion society when Alayne is about.

We had a skunk that would come up & eat with the cats & our 2 dogs every night when I was a kid. We lived on a farm/ranch outside of Cascade Mt. I never understood why the dogs didn't run her off but guess they knew better. Wish my mom had gotten a picture of them all chowing down together. I think is is wonderful Annie Andrew is so comfortable around you all.
I see as of this morning you have moved up to #7 in the overall ranking in the Animal Rescue Shelter Challenge. I am cheering you on to win one of the weekly prizes too this time! I have recruited my whole family to vote, you can sign up for a daily reminder so no excuses!!!

You simply MUST compile these blog entries into a book.

What a cutie! That's one thing I miss about being in the city - the only wildlife we encounter in DC is rats! This might explain why it took me 3 tries to correctly guess the animal in the shelter challenge voting page embarrassing!

Ah,Montana. Where it's still snowing at the end of April,and spring is heralded by the return of ... a skunk!

How cute, just another family member at the ranch

While I have in fact been close enough to a skunk to hear the crunch of cat food being devoured, we were not on a first name basis! Great compromise you all have managed to work out :)

Yep, been there. A about 10 years ago a skunk showed up that looked like he had a crew cut-thus he received the name Flat Top. I am nearly blind without my glasses and one morning I didn't have them on. I walked outside and bent down to pet the cats and reached over to pet Flat Top --didn't happen. They can be great pets only when the scent gland is gone.
Also, if you are wondering do skunks spray each other--yes, they do.
I burnt a coffee cake and it was smoking so I tossed the pan into our empty garage attached to the house. About an hour later, I heard a ruckus and looked through the door into the garage. Flat Top and a buddy were fighting over the burnt cake. They knocked each other out of the pan. My daughters and I were laughing so hard when one said-"I wonder if they will spray each other?" They backed up to each other and let it fly. Thank goodness it was cold and the smell dissipated fast.

What a cutie pie she/he is....I have a possum who breaks onto my porch almost every night to eat the cat food. Isn't is wonderful that she/he is so comfortable around you that you don't even warrant a threat?

I had a skunk in my (city) backyard for several years, along with oppossums and raccoons. She is quite the sweetheart, and clever about knowing where a good, *free* meal comes from. I love to hear about all your residents.

When I was feeding a colony of feral cats, I was fairly certain I was also feeding the rest of the neighborhood wildlife. The cats didn't seem to mind, either.

Please, don't shoot Annie, trap her and release her somewhere.

"She" is beautiful as so many wild things are. I am voting for you everyday.

When my mom was a little girl (think 40 years ago) she claimed a litter of skunks that lived under an old building on their farm as her 'pets'...maybe they are the next species we will domesticate lol!


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