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April 22, 2009


Thank you for keeping all of us posted on Callie, in a funny sort of a way the RDR brings all of us that love animals togather.I bet Callie will be happy to roll in her own grass real soon. Thank God this is giving her more time to enjoy life. So sorry for your loss Dawn, it is never easy to lose one of our furry friends, they are such a part of our lives. Hugs and prayers to all.

Arf-A-Roo! So happy Callie is doing so great. Way to go lil' trooper! And personally, I thought your "butt shot" was awfully cute. You know us wiener dogs butts are as cute as our faces!! Stay strong, Callie.

Barks & Hugs,

Thanks so much for the great update on Callie & the step by step photos of the process. She's being a real trouper! Way to go, Callie!
On a much more somber note, Dawn, my heart goes out to you. Recently my dear greythound has been really sick & I've been on an emotional roller coaster. I'm so very sorry for your loss of your sweet companion. Please know that Brandy lives on in your heart.
With warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Wow. I can hardly believe how she would have had only months to live without treatment. I don't think I could have stood losing her that soon. Hang in there Miss Callie!

Teaching Hospital.....I had a feeling from Callie's first day who would be doing the teaching!!!
I hope she comes out of all this just fine....BTW the post about Callie form awhile ago (I'm Dead Except for My Tail) was the first RDR post I I have a special reason to be connected to Dear Callie.....oh, and I've read every post since.....Callie taught me!

You go Callie!!

I'm so sorry for your loss Dawn; may 15 years of memories help soften your grief.

Our girl Callie looks like she's doing great. How wonderful to see photos! Thanks.

I wonder if she plays "dead dog' when it's time for her last night time pee? :-)

Love that girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy to hear that Callie is doing well. We just lost our 14 year old min pin Brandy to a brain tumor this weekend. Because she has had other health issues, she was a poor candidate for radiation and we made the tough decision to let her go. We miss our sassy little Brandy girl.

Thanks for the Callie update. She looks like she's being well cared for. And getting to roll in the grass is therapeutic since everything else in her daily routine has been turned upside down for the moment. I hope this treatment gives her a good quality of life for years to come. And for the shelter challenge, I even have some friends voting for the RDR this year, so let's hope you win something.

Thanks for updating us on her progress....I guess an old dog CAN still teach techs a new trick or two! You go, girl!!

Glad to see that "our little girl" is doing so well. You know it was our loving pleasure to help take care of her. Life without her antics would be poor indeed.

"Callie Smith", that's cute :-)

All the best, girl!

Thanks for this great update on Callie, Steve! She's been on my mind a lot and I'm so happy to read that she's doing fine, even enjoying a good ol' roll in the grass!:-)

You must miss her a lot, though...

I am so glad to have this update about Callie. What a wonderful vet tech, Jen K. is to take the time to provide these pictures for you (& us) & to give you daily updates. I knew it wouldn't be long before Callie had them wrapped around her little paw. My heart flutters with love for all the people that were able to donate & make this possible. Can't wait for Miss Callie to be home & she will be so happy all the snow is gone & she will have grass to roll in there too! Continued prayers!

Thank you for the photos, which give me my first real look at what radiation treatment means for a dog. Clearly she is in good hands.

On a *less* serious note -- does this machine make my butt look fat????

Oh OH! I am SO biting my tongue about the 'posterior' shot. I am SUURREEE it was the wide lense on that point and shoot camera ;)

Hey! Grass rolling is a daily necessity for a dachshund, along with belling rubbing, ear scratching, feeding, rump scritching....

Callie is such a character....the staff at the hospital are surely going to miss her!

I am voting for you every day....may you win more than $1000!!!!

Thank you so much for the update. What a wonderful staff to take photos for you (and us). It looks like Callie doesn't even have to have a shot!

No matter what, a girl has *got* to take a roll in the grass. It's therapeutic, y'know.

Callie, you are clearly in good hands. A good vet tech is a treasure and I'm so glad your treatment will extend your short, squat life!! Will those photographers never learn about dachel butts???

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