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April 16, 2009


Those orange boys think we only live to serve....wait, we do! Herbie is the perfect littly guy...absolutely perfect.

Isn't Herbie the escape artist? If so, what's the problem here? Slacking?

If I didn't have bills or responsibilities, I think I'd come and hang out with the cats all day, every day...whether you wanted me there or not!

I agree with Jessica -I live in Calgary AB (soooo far from Montana) - and I would love to bring Herbie into my fold - unfortunately I can only have the two I gots already - condo bylaws - he is the cutest, most affectionate bug! I love him! He'd make anyone a fantastic buddy - I think he's lonely.

I just adore Herbie. What a great personality! Being put behind bars for affection & cuteness is hard for a kitty to understand but Steve I understand your plight. Erin doesn't try to climb me (thank goodness) when I'm cleaning his box but I do get supervised. He sits & watches every move I make & then when I'm finished he immediately crawls in the box & I have always assumed to make sure I did a good job!

I love having the Shelter Challenge on my tool bar where all my 'must see' sites easy to remember to vote every day :)

Herbie's 'look' is the epitome of kitty martyrdom !

Hahaha, this reminds of last summer, when I was cleaning the litterboxes in a room full of foster-kittens having the same fun as Herbie, but without the help of a cage! I looked like Quasimodo most of the time ;-), the easiest was just going around on all fours with the most room on my back ...*sigh*.

Poor guy, I hope you do cuddle a BIT with him before you leave??

I can't believe somebody has not adopted this LOVE BUG!!!! Herbie is so full of affection. He really has filled out too!

Herbie sounds like the ultimate love bug. He's just thanking you in his own special way, for taking such great care of him. You got your day in the sun, Herbie! How's that for being a pest to Steve?
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh Geeeeez, I wish I was so much closer to the ranch. I adore Herbie and would apply/beg to adopt that little stinkpot in a heartbeat! So much personality in a darling little package too!

I have to love Herbie! He's a wonderful character. Poor Steve, you need claw-proof coveralls to stand up to Herbie's affections.

What a precious photo!!! Looks like Herbie is behind bars...for just being cute?!


Really, it's okay; it's for your own good. Cats are not the hot fashion item this year. But I do understand your affection for Steve; anyone who cleans litter boxes is okay and worthy of climbing.

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