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April 12, 2009


Wow! They do look spectacular, don't they? What a pretty duo!

Please give them a big, big hug for me.

Hope you all had a serene Easter.

They look so refined!!!! Good work by RDR.

Speaking of RDR - I noticed today that is doing their $100K Shelter Challenge and RDR is among those shelters for which you can vote! After you click to support their site it takes you to a new page and that's where the $100K link is. You can vote once per day. I plan to help them in this cause :)

They look beautiful. I have a cat I get groomed. My other two cats always sniff and then hiss at her when we get her home.

Oooo La Laaaaa - what babes! ;)

The girls look like beauty queens!! I'm sure all the fella's will be sniffing away. By the way, I hope Callie is ok. I am waiting to hear how she does with radiation. Treatment #9 for me today, so far so good.

Ya know, it does take time to become so beautiful. The girls are certainly ready for show. I loved this! Very funny!

And glad that the sisters get to be together forever.

Is Trooper still their boyfriend? They are two good looking ranch Poodles!

Now that is funny! I couldn't stop laughing. If I take one dog to the vet, when we get home the other CANNOT stop sniffing. Thinking...glad I didn't have to go. LOL

Funny......thanks for the laugh!

When I saw your photo of these two a year ago, I *never* dreamt they would turn out to be such beauties. What wonderfu work you've done with them - - they are gorgeous!

What a world apart from what they looked like after their rescue from the hoarding situation. Now they look like they're saying, "Which way, which way? We're ready."

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