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April 01, 2009


Dear Steve & Alayne,
What a wonderful gift you have given to so many animals.Thank you for sharing with all of us! I have to agree with what nina wrote about leaving the owners out on the highway alone and cold. I would imagin someday they will be very sorry they ever did that.(you know the old saying what goes around comes around)
And yes please thank the Conrad pd for all they did.It is so nice to read something so special at the end of the day!!! hugs to all.

This saddens me when people are so thoughtless toward animals as if they have no feelings. When we adopted Zak the animal shelter said he was so traumatized he wouldn't walk. Someone had left him at the hospital. What a beautiful Lab.

If I didn't have a life (sort of) here in Southern Caifornia with my two cats and repsonsibilities -I would move to the Ranch and help you with all the wonderful work you do. In the meantime, I will continue my financial support in any way I can. God Bless you all - Nancy

I'm crying a little at Moose's story, and not just because I was up all night bottle feeding puppies. I have a soft spot for yellow Labs (don't tell the beagles!) and certainly if we had an open spot for a non-beagle permanent member we would come right up there and adopt him! What a lucky, lucky dog he is. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see him in July.


What a great looking so happy the the CPD found him and turned him over to you!!! I CANNOT IMAGINE what kind of person would do this at any time of the year let alone in a Montana winter.

Hugs to you Moose!!!!! (what a great name!!!!)

Moose has an adorable face and found a kind and loving new family. Thanks for caring so much about all your animals. And thanks for the newsletters.

I just read Moose's story and it brought tears to my eyes. He is BEAUTIFUL! Moose has to be the long-lost brother to the yellow lab we adopted a year ago from our local shelter. Tucker is HUGE, not blind but orthopedically challenged. And just to share another bright spot..we recently had a 10 year old blind lab at our local shelter. He was a family whose 9 year old son is also blind. Doesn't that just give you all chills? Thanks RDR and thank you to the people at the police dept. who cared enought to go the extra mile.

Hurray for the Conrad police department and Hurray for MOOSE. What a great boy. He is beautiful. He looks like a real lover. You can just tell by his expression. Does this mean Alayne has a new minion and what do her LITTLE minions think of the BIG GUY? Thanks for taking him in. He has found his forever home. Wish they'd find the people who left him loose to fend for himself . They should have to stay out in the cold and wonder what's going to happen to them.
Keep up the great work at RDR.

As always the stories you share, touch my heart and make me cry.
Thank-you for being their for Moose and all the others ...

Oh my gosh ..what a beautiful guy. I have a 138lb. big blocky lab.I can't imagine leaving him any where!What is wrong with some people.It is a good thing that there are animal lovers like all of us out here to take care of them.It is nice that Steve and Alayne,with the help of "special gifts" that you can provide a very specail place where our fur friends can be happy and play.I sure hope the people that abandon these animals, don't abandon there humane family..'cause I sure would not want to be one of there family members.

WOW that's a great looking dog!! So glad he feels at home!!!

I found a sweet dog at a rest stop while on a driving trip near a small town and stayed on the phone for almost 45 minutes insisting that someone from the fire dept. come out and tend to him. All the people on the phone wnated to "wait til Monday."

Anyway, wanted to say that when I see these beautiful pictures I usually think of beautiful music. Tonight I thought of Mozart's Jupiter Symphony, Andante movement. It is a noble piece and would be a great theme song for the ranch. It is elegant, beautiful and uplifting -like RDR. I call Mozart God's music. I'll bet Moose would enjoy it too. Thank you for saving him.

Welcome home Moose!What a handsome boy you are!! Big hugs and smooches to you sweet boy.

Welcome to the ranch, Mooose! (Love the choice of name!!) Thanks to the kind-hearted police officers who made sure this handsome furry boy got a fantastic new home! (Would like to abandon the owners at rest stop along an interstate hightway!!!)

Wow, he's gorgeous! Sad to hear someone could leave him to fend for himself, but happy to know he's found a home with you!

Luke and I cant wait to meet moose! A fellow blind short and stocky lab! wonderful! He looks like a sweetheart.

Gosh, I have so many thoughts in my head at once. First, if you have an address I would love to email the Conrad Police Dept. a huge thank you. You see, where I live, cops aren't like that (generally speaking). Our Humane Society investigator rarely gets any support from the sheriff or police depts. I wonder also if Moose was lost and someone is looking for him. I guess we'll never know for sure. An aging or ailing dog down here is more likely to be shot by it's owner than abandoned. How either choice is made I'll never understand.

Welcome Moose!! Maybe he and Miss Samantha will find a few things in common. I look forward to hearing more about our new friend.

You guys are the best, thank you for all that you do. It's hard to believe someone could leave that cutie on the interstate.

A big thank you shout out to the kind hearted coppers of Conrad for rising to the occasion and going the distance. Job very well done guys/gals!! I second Jeanne's comments about there needing to be a special level of hell for the people who left Moose to die. Give Moose a huge hug for all of out here who are glad he is now home and loved.

What a handsome boy. Lucky you! :)

Debbie B., I'm so glad you got thru your first radiation so well. ((((Debbie B.)))) Prayers to you for a very quick recovery. I know Callie is rooting for you too as we are all wishing her the best.

Moose, I have fallen in love with you! I'm so sorry you went thru such an ordeal but there were angels looking out for you & those were the Conrad PD & Steve & Alayne @ RDR. Enjoy all your new brothers & sisters. I know you have a lot of love to give them & they to you.

A huge thank you to the Conrad PD for caring so much & for making the right calls to get Moose into a home he knew right away is where he would be cared for & loved unconditionally. I wish I could bring this sweet guy to TX to live with me & Erin. I'm so totally in love with him.

What a beautifully, handsome boy! I wish he was mine!!
I will never ever understand how someone could abandon an animal like they did Moose, and especially a disabled animal. My heart and brain cannot grasp that at all. I'm so glad Moose has made his way to your ranch... what lucky, lucky dog!
Author & Mom to Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll dog

What a sweet guy! Thank God he was rescued and found his way home to you. Although, I'll bet he has yet another home in his future!

When I hear about people who could do something as cruel as abandon Moose in a Montana winter, I despair of humanity. Then, when I remember people like you two, Steve and Alayne -- and all the other good people who support RDR -- I have hope again.

He is beautiful!! I can't wait to meet him this weekend. I was thinking the same thing as Wendy..Levi could use a big dog buddy! HA! But alias new job and huge cut in pay, I can't afford to feed two big dogs! Damn! See you this weekend! Laura

Whatever circumstance brought Moose to be abandoned, we'll not know and that's all history now.

Welcome Home sweet, beautiful Moose!
You'll be loved and cared for like you've never been before.

Enjoy him Steve and Alayne!

As others have said, God Bless you both for taking in this sweet dog and for the Conrad Police for saving him.

I hope there is a "special" place reserved for people who abandon animals...and believe me it would NOT be loving and cozy like RDR!!!

Welcome Moose to your real home--RDR--the place where you'll always be loved and valued.

Steven's comment on rest stops echoes something I've read on other rescue sites about dogs abandoned near highways. I now travel--at all times--with a rescue leash in my purse. My husband knows that an abandoned dog at a rest stop will be coming home with us. I just can't fathom why someone would do this to any animal.

I have the strongest desire to drive up to RDR and kidnap this beautiful, sweet boy....I, too, grateful that the PD saved him...and pray that Moose knows he is now loved and will never again be abandoned!

Thank goodness for the Conrad Police, and thank God for RDR. I have a feeling that Moose will be getting adopted out! Moose is a great looking dog!!

Welcome to your wonderful new home, sweet Moose!


Who could ever abandon such a beautiful dog? Thank you Steve and Alayne for taking him in and giving him a second chance. Welcome home Moose! Hugs to all!

I'm in love! What a face! Welcome home Moose.

Moose looks like a really great dog. I had a dog that had one eye and poor vision in the remaining eye, but he was a great dog too.

Moose, I just know you're going to be very happy at the ranch. And thanks to everyone who took part in his rescue.

Welcome Moose! You are such a beautiful Lab. I am glad you have a wonderful new family.

And as they say about labs-boy labs love their mommies and girl labs love their daddies. Enjoy your new mom!

Debbie, I'm so glad your first radiation went so well...........I'm sure Callie is rooting for you !!

As for Moose,I may have to drive from NYS to come and get him :) He is TOO adorable !!!!!!!!!!

What a joy to see Moose in his forever home! I'm so glad that the wonderful people in the police department in Conrad not only rescued him, but got Moose to the vet and found him a home. Please send along our thanks to them from all of us in the blogosphere.
And thank you Steve and Alayne for giving Moose a warm, cozy home that he so obviously has made himself at home in. Moose is such a sweetheart!

How could anyone ABANDON a blind dog to fend for himself in winter?! If there isn't a special level of hell for people who abuse animals, I'm going to have to have a word with Management!

I'm glad Moose has found his home - nice to see that Alayne has a new minion!

What a wonderful ending I wish they ahd lef the owners by the side of the rode!! Can't wait till he mets the little dogs

Be still my heart! Maybe Stoney needs a lab companion (and Baron another thick lab to curl up with)??

See, little by little, the word gets out. Blind animals, all animals, deserve consideration. Welcome, Moose, you big happy boy.

Moose looks like a real great hugging size & a sweetheart, too. Thanks to the Conrad Police dept. for saving him & making sure he got to the fantastic RDR! Horray!
Debbie B., I hope that the rest of your radiation treatments continue to be a breeze & wish you a great success! Healing hugs to you.
Now back to Moose, maybe he didn't have a female caretaker & that's why he's so enamored with Alayne....he may be thinking, "Ah, finally the female touch that I've been craving so much!"
Warm welcome hugs to Moose,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What a wonderful story. I am so glad he survived being left. He looks right at home. He looks like a very nice dog.

Who would do such a thing to such a lovely dog. Thank God that the Conrad Police Department saved him. He will be so happy with you. By the way please whisper in Callie's ear that I had my first radiation today and it was a breeze. Kisses and belly rubs to all. Except you Steve.
God Bless us all.

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