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April 26, 2009


That's mostly because Margaret and her two sisters, Daisy and Scarlet, have spent most of the winter in a stall in Lena's Barn, and the weather hasn't permitted much material in the way of "goat follies."

That Margaret -- such a drama queen! Loved the photos of her "fainting spell". Patent and market your new portable pen; I'm sure if you've found a need for it others will too. Necessity IS the mother of invention. Thanks for the Margaret update. We've been missing her.

Margaret called me the other day to say hi and talk about the fact that the Obama's decided in the end to get a dog and not a goat.

She mentioned the whole livestock vs. pet issue and that she thinks neither label really gets at what she is-that she is more of a, 'beloved daughter'. I told her I would pass on the message.

I love the movable goat pen idea. I have a friend who had a movable chicken coop. Same idea, but not as well thought out as your goat pen. Now that is impressive!! They are contained to keep them safe, dry and out of trouble. I think it is time for a patent!

And, the Oscar goes to...Margaret The Lovely Cherished Pet!!!

That pen is awesome, yes, it needs to be patent. How clever of Kevin & Guy!

So good to see how she is doing!

Margaret is the new Widget! haha

WOW!!!! That is pretty darn slick! :)

I'm a member of the Margaret fan club so thanks for the update on Margaret the mobile goat! What an amazingly clever unit you designed and had built!! I'm totally impressed. Sure think you'd want to patent that sucker before some farm implement company sees it and starts making and selling them!

Get a goat stand! Your back will love you for it. They are inexpensive light weight and portable - been there and done that with hoof trimming, its like trying hold down a Tazmanian Devil. If you want to get real technical on the 'fainting' goat, the professionals like to call them Myotic goats.

There's a family in my city trying to save their pet goat Gigi. We are in the suburbs though. But I find it interesting that they've been able to keep the goat in their house and take her for daily walks. I just hope they can find a good home for her outside the city.

Steve, your blog always makes my day. So happy to see more of Margaret.

I'd been wondering how Margaret and pals were doing over the winter, thanks for the update! Tell your contractors that if they can put that portable goat pen into kit form that I will buy one! I just bought an old abandoned farm and I'd been thinking of using goats to clear the overgrowth, but wondering how to handle it logistically. That pen would solve my problems nicely!

I love the expression on your face - you look so solemn throughout the photos... How could you keep a straight face?

I agree about the patent......what a Great Idea !

And I think Margaret's name should be changed to Sarah............Sarah Bernhardt, that is !!

OMG, coming form Boston I have to agree with Janet that's wicked!
Great to see Margaret again what an actress. She acts more like one of the dogs! Watch out widget.

If only she could sing opera, Margaret would make a perfect Violetta in "La Traviata"...;-)))

Your new portable pasture pen looks great! What a brilliant idea! My heartfelt congratulations to Kevin & Guy.

And a big hug to the goats, of course!:-)

Livestock? You MUST be kidding!! These lovely ladies are far more than matter how you try to convince us otherwise.
BTW, I think a patent is definitely in order...that portable contraption is awesome!

Thanks Janet, for posting that link! I read it and then watched the youtube video and that is one weird goat ;-)... Actually the third picture of Margaret reminds me of that Beagle playing dead in Letterman's show, haha. Great to hear from her again and she is looking smart!
(my, it IS a really nice new home they have)

How clever! And here I was thinking somebody had invented this very cool enclosure & was selling them. You should get a patent on that & sell them yourself, very inventive & useful. Margaret looks as tho she wintered well, got a good little pudgy tummy on her. She is adorable!

That's so funny! The goat's a ham!

Well Steve, this post was worth the wait. How wonderful to see Margaret. And my goodness, you sure have some talented contractors. They should patent that thing.

Caprine. My new word for the day. Thanks! (can't wait to use it in my next scrabble game. HA)

The photo of Margaret throwing her head back and your description "as if it's all too much to bear" made me laugh out loud.

I just love this blog. :-)

Thanks for the update on Margaret. Loved her theatrics!! Can't imagine how that performance didn't convince you not to do the trimming?!?

That confinement system is really clever. You should, along with your contractors, patent it, and maybe generate some extra income from it.

OMG, that contraption is way wicked awesome. (That's how we talk in the Boston area.) So cool!!!

Livestock is only a definition we arbitrarily assign different creatures. Beloved pet/companion is only fair to a creature that gives such a fine performance for a pedicure.

The Tennessee fainting goats are a fascinating story about genetics. Read more here:

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