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April 19, 2009


Yes, folks, life is good at RDR!!

I don't think those are clouds' reflections, that's ice.

Great pics! I know they are thinking you all are the best resort in the country! Priscilla you just had your makeover & now you are romping in the lake? I say, go for it, Steve can always take you back to the groomers.

They all look so alert and happy. Obviously some water babies in the group.

Ms. Pris is thinking, "I can't believe that humans actually pay for getting their hair blown, when all they have to do is stand outside on a beautiful day like this!" Thanks for the creature features.
Big hugs to all & Paw lake,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

They are playing in the clouds.

How is Callie?

Are those clouds reflecting or small glaciers? Brrrrrr.

I wish I was there..............

Looks like Priscilla and Cedar are having a "I dare you moment". Love the happy dog pics. You guys make me happy knowing they are happy.

What fun!

Beautiful pictures, especially those clouds reflecting in the water!

I always wonder why critters who like to be warm and toasty so much, enjoy standing in water when it must be sooo cold on their paws, brrrrr.
I'll leave it to them until Summer ;-)

Widget's House: Waterfront Property!!!

Lake Rolling Dog swimmin' hole now open!

A resort for all seasons!

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