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April 09, 2009


I am sure you have already had offers, but regardless, we would be willing to adopt Moose. "We" being myself, my husband & our two older, loving dogs--a lab & a heeler. We live in neighboring Idaho and would gladly make the drive to meet & greet w/Moose. Upon reading the first post about Moose, I just felt like he was meant for our home. Hard to explain, but anyone who loves dogs and follows this blog probably understands. Email me if you would like more information from me & our furry family :)

I'm so glad you are keeping him inside - what a gentleman! I love him too!

Watch out for that tongue! Looks like it could reach a plate, or cover a face in one lick.

Lovely...keep him close!

I am madly in love with Moose! What a very dear old "gentleman" he is. I am completely ready to make room in my home for him - - I already made room in my heart! Hugs to Moose, and God bless you folks for all you do, especially now that you do it without employees.

I'm in LOVE! What a sweet guy. Thank you for keeping him in the house where he belongs.

Well, I have to say I'm bias since Labs are all I've ever had but I just knew Moose was a wonderful dog from the minute you introduced him to us! As we all have learned I'm sure, size doesn't seem to matter as much as attitude in the dog world. My sister had a small terrier mix (Toto type of dog) that bossed around too HUGE rotties. Hilarious to see.

I was wondering if perhaps Moose will take dear ol' Pappy's place as your companion to town? Those stories are some of my favorites in your blog archives.

Please give Moose (and everyone) an ear scratch for me. And while you're at it, kiss each guys are wonderful people!

My heart melts just looking at Moose's picture! He looks sooo sweet.

I'm so glad to hear that he's living in your house. I bet he's a great snuggler!:-)

Happy Easter, everybody!

Moose will get over his shyness, I'm sure. I adopted a beagle/schnauzer mix in December 2003. He was 7 at the time and stiffened at any display of affection. Slowly over the years he has turned into quite the attention sponge. Every night he comes to each side of the bed for a nightly head pet.
I think that's the most rewarding part of rescue/adoption--being a part of the unfolding a love. It's like watching a flower unfold to soak in the sun.
You people are so blessed.

I'd be keeping that adorable big lughead right next to my side too, good for you!

What a sweetheart how could anyone give him up!!!

I have to say that you two take some of the best photos I've ever seen. You must have been photograhers in another life. First Travis with his amazing high flying leaping ability and now Moose and that tongue! What a photo. And if you don't look closely enough, you won't catch that it's attached to the tablecloth looking for goodies. Great photos and always a great blog. I hope you have warmer weather for the easter weekend.

Thank you for recognizing what a tender hearted guy he is....I swear that if I could find a way, I would come steal that sweetheart away for myself! I would really like to get my hands on the *expletive deleted* who dumped this sweet boy! There is a special place reserved down below for them!

Oh, that poor sweet giant!! Hope he finds a home, table and bed for himself soon, if you guys could part with him even after only a week... He looks so very cute!

Yeah Moose!!! What a sweetie.

Oh Im so happy for Moose! what a nice guy!

He is just so beautiful and sweet. How can you not let him stay in the house...would be very, very difficult to resist.

What a sweet guy! So very glad he has found a loving home with you folks.

Oh, Moose, you sweetheart. Somebody's gotta stick up for you!

And stay in the house he should .....he sounds like such a sweetheart,love you Moose

With a blog like that you will be sure to be receiving adoption request any moment. I would take him in a heart beat if I didn't have four already.

What a SWEETHEART! There are angels on earth! Something tells me those other 5 will soon learn that aside from being a great friend, he is also one big snuggly warm "pillow". Just wish I could get one of those Moose hugs myself.

ps: pure coincidence? photo adjacent to the moose tablecloth?

What a sweetheart! Moose, I bet Widget is all talk, don't worry. Ha-ha, the first time he does bark you all will probably jump out of your skin. It's nice to have such a pleasant house companion. What a gentleman! In just the couple of posts of Moose I am definitely in love!

I am so glad to hear this sweet old boy will be able to spend his senior years being loved on in your comfortable home. How could anyone ever have let him go? He will be my new fave while I wait for Miss Callie to get well.

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