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April 23, 2009


The good luck fox is back! : )

I pulled up the photo posted a month ago; the fox's coat looks considerably different (spring is coming, shed some coat).

Hope your fox(es) keep returning; we love the photos!

Good to see the horses! Love the fox, he must feel good vibes of animal lovers! Crazy weather!

Yeah - the weather thing... It was 100 on Sunday and Monday in SoCal and 58 today! Geesh! Glad to see that RDR went from 9 to 8 in the top 10 today :) How is Margaret doing?

We used to have fox come close to our house too but we only saw them briefly in the wee hours of the morning or at night time. I think neighbors killed them off or maybe coyotes. In any case they were sneaky.
It seems surprising to see them so comfortable in the daylight. Alarm bells go off for me when I see wild animals so comfortable close to humans.
Are you sure they can't get in where the cats are to eat their food. They might hurt the cats.They do carry diseases that might be transmittable to the domestic animals on the ranch.
Ok. I'm paranoid. They probably aren't going to do a thing.

Spring can be more a state of mind, sometimes.

How nice to see some of our horse friends! I've missed them (and Roy the mule too!!)

I guess that fox senses the content, peaceful feelings that surround your ranch. Why leave??

I know about that weather thing. Yesterday it was in the 40's, cold and raining (no snow, thank goodness). We had a fire last night. Today it's sunny and going to be in the 70's. That's Spring in Vermont. Love the fox. We get them in our yard too but I've never seen one sit down.

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