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April 05, 2009


I love this photo!

I'll try and remember to call them shed cats instead of barn cats.

I think as a team; these guys could do anything! ; )

That is such a great picture! Vehicle cats need to be sitting on a very cool vehicle! I am of the belief there is a very serious conversation going on about how they are going to get out of there & go for a spin without anyone noticing! And, the reason they moved is because of the very "cool" water supply.

This picture is just begging for a lolcat caption if only I could come up with one!

96' = 29.09 meters ;)

Totally cool cats! Boys with toys?
They look well fed, too. Great hangout, :)

and don't forget the trusty snowblower water fountain!!!!

Is that what you would call a better mouse trap? I know things tend to be bigger in Montana, but this is getting serious ! ;)

Just a bunch of Good Ol' Boy John Deere Tractor Cats...well okay Kubota Boy Tractor Cats.

They were probably thinking: Steve and Alayne work so hard - maybe we can help.

Looks like they are waiting for you to just turn the key! I think you have two "supervisors". "A little more to the left, Steve, did I say left? Oops, I meant the other left!"
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh my gosh--that is so cute---is it ever going to stop snowing!

There ya go, and you thought you didn't have enough helpers! :-)

This is a photo that needs to be clicked on to enlarge :)

It looks like Rocky is saying to Joshua " What do you say we go to town for some Tuna!"

I want a cool toy like they have with something called a PTO! No wonder they moved into the vehicle shed. Clearly they want to take more control of their environment. So, when's the training start, dad?

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