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April 20, 2009


Looks to me like Tibby is singing. Does Rolling Dog Ranch have a theme song? Maybe you need one? (See, cats are a great source of creative inspiration! I'm thinking -- iTunes."

Tibby's closeup looks like the movie poster for an old B-horror flick: Devil Cat From Planet X!

I think the picture is great!
Also the idea of letting people choose to receive it either through the mail or just Electronically is a good idea as already said here.

Tibby is protesting because she is expecting a true model's paycheck.:)

Wow, everyone was right about the close-ups! But what I really wanted to say was that Alayne looks great with her hair up!

That is priceless. :D

I love this picture although poor Tibby isn't a very happy camper. I'm voting every day too!!!

The closeup is just too funny! I think Tibby is thinking, "How many MORE of these dang pics do I haf to pose for!?! This is the stupidest way I've ever spent my time!"
If you'd like to drop me from the send out newsletter, I can get it online. That should help save you some.
Thanks for making me laugh, Tibby!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

It's nice to see Tibby all grown up.

I've never seen protesting cat eyes quite like hers. 73 pictures were clearly 72 too many for her.

Good job in finding just the right shot. : )

You and Alayne look great! Tibby . . . not so much.

Oh, my, enlarging DOES make a difference ! Had Tibby gotten into the catnip??????? :)

I'm voting every day !

Tibby's face..priceless..^^

Picture purrrfect!

This photo is just begging for a caption contest!!

You really have to enlarge the photo to get the most appreciation of the look on Tibby's face! You humans look fabulous of course. Love to hear an update on Miss Callie.

The two of you are MOST photogenic & Tibby is obviously a hoot!

Oh my, I can hear the protesting through the picture. I can hardly pick Erin up & walk into the bedroom at night w/out some protesting. And, we do not have that far to walk!

Love the picture. Got a good chuckle from Tibby's expression.
Karen L.

I think that's a lovely picture! Tibby is being quite, how you say, expressive. Who wants another pretty picture when you can get *that* face?!

You might consider sending the newsletter by e-mail link and cut the postage/ink paper costs even more. Several groups I belong to and several work sites newsletters have shifted to that and we've gotten a lot of positive comments about the "green" switch.

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