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April 06, 2009


oh my! More dachshunds...
He is beautiful...
Jean Brewer

Winnie is a great dishwasher! Must be a Doxie thing! And paper plates are left with holes from her licking every atom of flavor from them.I love reading your blogs..dogs and kids sure can bring a smile to ones face!
Way to go Dexter!
Linda and Winnie

This is funny! My doxie, Frankie will lick the bowl totally clean too... then she moves on to our lab, Kylie's bowl to make sure it is also spotless. Too funny!

~Barbara Techel
Author & Mom of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

It looks like Dexter ia "saving it for later", just in case he does not get more food. What a sweeetie. Kisses and belly rubs to all.

Maybe Callie should schedule Dexter for a grooming appointment. Great pic

Please Ma'am, more ?

Poor little fat starving dog. ;)

Dexter has quite the adorable "feed me some more" plan going. If he can't get another bowl, he has a snack on his nose available when he needs it and most certainly some extra loving, because he does look very cute. : )

What a handsome little man.

Or, it could be a snack for later in the evening if Alayne doesn't give in! He is too cute! I was just thinking about Dexter the other day & hoping he was doing well. I can see from this photo he is just fine!!!

My theory: Mr. Dexter T. Dickens knows he looks absolutely adorable like that, and he loves to see Alayne smile when she sees him. Great photo, Steve.

BTW, how is Margaret?

Dexter T. looks fabulous. I thought of him when reading your blog about Moose coming into the house. Dexter's not the new kid anymore. I know I've said it before but it's amazing to me how you blend together so many dogs. RDR is a magical place!

Perhaps going to great lengths to get a kiss from the girls, :).
What a cutie!

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