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April 08, 2009


I went to the website & saw the video of Frankie's story. Of course, with that song I cried. Barbara is an awesome Mom & person to be so generous both to her furry kids & to your furry kids. Thank you Barbara & Frankie for being such an inspiration & for what you do to teach others that no matter what trials we have in life there is always a positive side to them.

Awesome! Let's hope she has hugh book sales this month!!

I just went to the website and purchased the book for my 5 children. They often ask me about people they see that are different so I'm hoping that this will help them understand better. We have 5 wonderful dogs and 2 rabbits which one is disabled. It is such a wonderful thing they are doing with the donations. There should be more people like this. Keep up the good work and thanks for making me laugh on some days. Where are the goats??

What a nice gesture to donate a portion of the book sales. I went to Frankie's website and watched his inspiring video. Animals truly can be inspirational. And what a wonderful person Barbara is to have helped Frankie continue to have a wonderful life. I often wonder why even more people can't care as much about animals as so many of us do. Web sites like Barbara's help put a good message out there in addition to showing the inspiration Frankie gives to everyone. I believe that God watches over the people who take care of his creatures.

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