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April 21, 2009


Bella !!! She is beautiful.. I want to give her a hug and kiss
She is Americas Next Top Model

What a classy lady Molly is. How's Callie doing? Hope she os ok. I think of her often.

Work it, girlfriend! ;D

You want to see a thin snoze? I should send you a Tobias pic! It looks like a seat on a 10 speed bike! Gotta love her earmuffs!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I love all the head-shots of Diva Molly! Ford Modeling will be calling soon, I'm sure!

You really love each and every one of the animals that is or ever has been at the ranch, don't you??

What a pretty dog! Give her a big hug and a biscuit for me.

I'll take a pair of those ear muffs! : )

She's beautiful. And of course she kept following you-- you have animal magnetism!

I know you guys always have a terrific amount of work to be done but it sure looks like you have a lot of fun too. Sometimes, I'm pea green with envy. But not in the middle of winter!

Molly, you're a real beauty!:-)

Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us, Steve.

Ha, ha. So cute! You should have called her Princess Leia instead of Molly :-)

Too cute! But how about an update on Margaret

I love Molly - she's one of my favorites. Such a beauty!

Molly is a doggie super-model for sure! She is a diva dog who is "ready for her close-up"....HA!HA!

Love the 'electrified' look. She is such a pretty girl. You provide the best commentary for your photos! Your blog is the highlight of my day!!!

What a pretty gal. Standard poodles are so smart and loving. Those ear muffs are something to be reckoned with!

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