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April 13, 2009


Wow.....that sounds like some positive news for Miss Callie. I have had to cut way back on my charitable donations this year but I would not be able to forgive myself if I didn't donate to keep my fave RDR in the blog news for years to come. Fight the good fight Callie!

Callie girl you will do great! Keep up that positive additude and keep rolling over for those belly rubs and kisses. Your dogs pals in Jacksonville, FL have been praying for you.

Sending thoughts and prayers for Callie,and also for you Steve and Alayne. I'm sure it will be hard having Callie away, but we are all pulling for her safe return home. With many days ahead of her.

Just like Colleen and Erin, we mentioned Callie in our morning prayer. We thank St Francis for a new day every morning and have for over 12 years.

Glad y'all had a safe trip and Callie is feeling well as she begins her treatment.

Hang in there Callie girl! When you are all done there and feeling better, there are some really good fields nearby to chase some rabbits!

The rabbithound gang is with you:
Cedar, Odo, Diamond, Dexter and Igor.

Go Callie. And go Cougs! (I RARELY say that, so you are most special Callie). We're thrilled your appetite and nose for adventure are carrying you through. Let's pick a fight with this tumor! Go Girl!

You are such a trooper, Callie! Way to go on sniffing out the garbage can for goodies. Hee Hee. I'm waaay jealous you have a pink piggy fleece to sleep on. I have a pink fleece bed with dancing kittie's on it in different colored dresses. Oh brother! Hang in there, Callie! My mom and I are thinking of you all the time!

Your wiener dog cyber pal,
Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

You never know what's in a stranger's trash can, right?

Alllll the best for her and you two, I hope that this story will have a happy end!

Thanks for the update, Steve, and I look forward to reading another one tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'll be keeping Callie in my thoughts and prayers.

Hang in there, Callie! We're all pulling for you & sending you all best thoughts! I'm sure you'll make sure they get some laughs.
Sending you healing hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit
Sending "we know you're missing Callie hugs" to Steve & Alayne as well.

Oh, good luck! I hope you get good news!!

Oh sweet Callie! When I got up this morning I realized the date & said an extra special prayer. It sounds like you are in really good hands & many prayers & love are being sent your way from Erin & me. I'm glad to know your appetite hasn't decreased & keep up the inspections of all trash cans you never know what "prize" you might find!

Glad there was no sugarless gum in the trash! I'm keeping Callie in my thoughts.

Regardless of the outcome, this must be a huge treat for Callie to have your undivided attention for so many days at once. She probably thinks this is heaven already.

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