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April 14, 2009


I have loved Callie since the first day I saw her tail wagging
video. She is just the sweetest looking little dachshund ever!
I have 6 dachshunds, three will be 13 years old this year.
I would love to see more pictures of Callie full size photos if you have some.
[email protected]

My seniors have been with me since they were 6 weeks old and you definately made the right decision. I would do the same
with my own in this situation.
I will be watching for updates on her.
You all are just wonderful!
We love you Callie!
Jean Brewer
Pepe, Opie, Shelly, Lexus, Brewster, Mackenzie and Trevor (the lab)

Callie - Our prayers are with you! - You are in great hands over there and we know you'll pull through just fine :-) xx

I think that you made the right decision, but it must have been a difficult one. I'm glad that sweet Callie will be around for at least a few more years.

I agree with your decision & know that you're looking foward to having Callie back home asap. We're also sending her positive vibes for a speedy recovery with a miracle thrown in.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Love can heal just about anything!! Paws Up Callie......

Callie - you are in good hands and
I know you will enjoy all the xtra
special attention you get....lots of tummy rubs.

Thanks Steve and Alayne for all that you do and keep us posted on Callie and her treatment!

Here's to warm weather coming your way!!!

Go Callie Go !

Don't forget to vote for RDR on the Shelter Challenge!

Callie girl, we love you. Make sure you get your belly rubs and kisses from the docs! I'm sendng good vibes your way.


Thank you Alayne and Steve for giving Callie a chance to live a long and happy life.I'm keeping sweet Callie in my prayers and hoping she'll be home soon to begin her recovery surrounded by the people and animals who love her so much.

Yes, bless Callie's little heart! Erin & I have been praying hard & all our love & prayers are being sent your way. Steve, I bet it was hard to say good-bye to her but knowing she is in good hands & will wrap all those caring for her around her little paws hopefully made it easier. My prayers are with you & Alayne too as you anticipate her recovery. You made a wise decision due to her age. Thank you always for all that you do for your furry kids.

Sweet little Callie is one very lucky puppy dog. I bet she'll be soooooo excited when you go back to bring her home. In the meantime, it sure appears you're right to say she's in good hands.

I'm not sure who's the braver of you two: Steve handling the emotional job of leaving Callie at the hospital or Alayne taking care of a ranch of animals by herself. Dang girl, you're one tough lady! :-)

Your post about Callie today reminds me that laying out all the options out on the table and making the best decision for Callie is a blessing we have with our animals. Callie is very fortunate to live at RDR and have the care of you, Alyane and all the medical staff helping her. Thank you for all you are doing to make her comfortable and happy... and extending her life for whatever that will be. She is such a special little girl and Frankie and I continue to pray for her everyday.

Barbara Techel & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Hugs, Kisses and prayers your way

For what it's worth, I think you made the right decision for sweet Callie. I am praying for her. Big hugs from Texas.

My thoughts are with little Callie. When I was young we had to send our pug Abe to the Washington State vet hospital from our ranch in Idaho for extensive opthamology work. I know how hard it was to have him so far away. But I knew Abe was in the best place he could be.

My thoughts to you Steve and Alayne with your little Callie so far away. Just know she's going to get the help she needs at an amazing place. And that she's surrounded by a lot of love being sent her way.

Karl & myself and all of our four legged friends, including ex-Rolling Dog Ranch family member Bunny, will be thinking of Little Callie. She still has a lot of life to live at the ranch!

Bless your little heart Callie. We're all rooting for you! We know you'll come through all of this just fine. Thanks RDR for all you do for these precious animals.

There are few dogs I know more adored than little're going to love all the attention, Callie, and may come home slightly more spoiled than ever? GO for it ! :)

You're in good hands, Callie girl. Speedy recovery and the best of all possible worlds.

Steve and Alayne, I agree with your decision to go with radiation-only. Surgery would be so hard on her. With radiation she gets to enjoy her "extra" time almost immediately without a tough recovery. These decisions are always so hard to make.

Warm spring weather to all of you!!

Thanks for the update, Steve.

Let's hope the treatment won't be too hard on little Callie. Will she have to stay long at WSU?

God bless you all.

we are all thinking of you at the Animal Hospital Callie!! I am keeping Dr. Mooers up to speed...can't wait for more updates!

We love you Callie and will be praying for all the best of health to come your way.

Little Callie, you have no idea how many thoughts and prayers are with you and with your humans during your treatment. Best luck!

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