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April 30, 2009


This is the first time I have read your blog. I love it! Samantha is gorgeous. I have a black Lab/mastiff mix, Ludo, and he impatiently waits for summer when he gets to play in the water. Every weekend he gets to chase the water from the hose. I guess it's a lab thing!

What a cute story! Love love LOVE the pink tongue sticking out!
By the way, how is little Brynn doing?

Samantha is such a cutie. She has the most beautiful face (and tongue)!

What a lovely face! Sam is indeed one of the prettiest dogs at RDR.

Drinking from the faucet/hose rather than a bowl seems to be Lab trait. My numerous Lab god-dogs (similar to godchildren) all prefer running water. Must be something to do with their swimming/hunting heritage.

Great photos once again Steve! Those rituals are so endearing, but nothing as much as that sweet face... Samantha's lovely. I have a special place in my heart for older, black dogs. Hugs from us!

So Samantha likes her water "on the hoof?" How cute! I'll join the crowd when I say, Love that pink tongue!

We all know that the water straight from the faucet is the freshest, lol. Wonderful pictures of our sweet girl.

Samatha is just so smart. Love the pics, especially the last one of her sweet, gorgeous gray face, pink tongue and all!

Samantha is SO CUTE in that last photo! As you say Steve, love that pink tongue!! :-)

Thanks for the tip, Peggy. I was voting once at home and once at work.

That is too cute. I guess Samantha figures out where the water is by the sound. (And where it hits her in the face.) Good for her.

Tip to all blog readers to INCREASE YOUR DAILY VOTING in the Rescue Site contest. I have found you can vote once per day per web browser. I have Firefox and Safari on my computer at home, the same two web browsers on my computer at work and Safari on the scanning station outside my office. So I vote for Rolling Dog Ranch twice at home and three times at the office every day during the business week for a total of 5 times a day! Just wanted to pass that along.

What an absolutely beautiful dog. If I had to pick, she'd definitely be in my top three favorites. Please kiss that gorgeous gray face of hers for me.

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