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April 29, 2009


What wonderful work. These dogs and cats,plus others have two Guardian Angels in you and your wife. You are very special people. I have a little beagle and she also likes to sleep. Also have Bassett with cancer plus fluid around the heart. All together I have 11 dogs,6cats and would like to thank you for you being you.

I love the work you do with animals in need. What would they do without you! I only wish I lived close to you so I could volunteer at this very, worthwhile, sanctuary for disabled animals. Charlie is absolutely adorable! I am so happy he is with you, I know he is in great hands and will receive all the love and attention he so deserves until he can find his forever home.
I voted for you and will vote everyday for the Rolling Dog Ranch. You deserve to win the big one with all the wonderful work you and your wife do at this ranch. Keep up the wonderful work. There is surely a place in paradise for such kind, loving people!

I thank he is so cute it's great what you guys do. my 4 dogs all like the small beds with out pillows too, but they are all big dogs but 1. Give him a kiss for me.
Hey what are signs of a dog going blind? My lab/collie is starting to worry me. good luck with contest I voted today will try my best to vote every day hard to do when have to borrow moms computer, my lab/pit ate my power cord.

Charlie is adorable. My dad has a beagle and her main function of the day is also sleeping. He must be HAPPY and CONTENT. How is Callie doing? Hope she is still doing her very best.

What a cutie! He obviously prefers the bed without the pillow in it because then it's more like getting a hug - so please give him an extra one for me. =)

What a cutie boy!! Welcome to the ranch,'s heaven on earth!

Oh Charlie aren't you just the cutest thing!! Welcome home to the best darn place on earth!

I hope he's just sleepy in the photos because he looks sad. Give him lots of hugs and kisses from everyone out here and tell him he's going to find out he's an exceptionally luck little beagle boy!

Welcome to cute, little Charlie. He's not sleepy, he's just overcome by all the snow in his new home! He'll perk up when it's warmer. :D

Welcome aboard Charlie !

Welcome sweet Charlie! It's so nice to see another blind beagle has the found the perfect home. Thank you so much for all you do for these little ones.

Tip to all bloggers to INCREASE YOUR DAILY VOTING in the Rescue Site contest. I have found you can vote once per day, per web browser. I have Firefox and Safari on my computer at home, the same two web browsers on my computer at work and Safari on the scanning station outside my office. So I vote for Rolling Dog Ranch twice at home and three times at the office every day during the business week for a total of 5 times a day! Just wanted to pass that along.

Never too many Beagles! What a sweet face. So happy to see him so cozy and content. He deserves it. Thank you RDR!

My introduction to this adorable breed (other than Snoopy of course!!) was after we moved here to the country. I heard these horrible, wailing sounds coming from the woods. It went on for over an hour. I was convinced a poor animal was caught in a trap or some other painful tradegy. Finally, I convinced my husband to go investigate. What'd he find? Two beagles, happily running around a tree that they had chased a squirrel up. Dang, they can make some noise!!

Welcome Charlie!

Aww, he looks like a sweet little guy. Thank you for rescuing him.

Wecome to your ranch home, Charlie!

His disposition looks like he'll fit in just fine. He's adorable too! I'm sure he'll enjoy getting healthy and gaining some weight in his new home.

Thanks for making room for him. : )

What a doll!! Give him a welcome to the family kiss for me.

Uh-oh, the dachshunds had better watch out! The beagles are taking over!

A very warm welcome to Charlie!!

He looks so sweet, especially in the bottom picture.

Thank you, Alayne & Steve, for giving him a loving home.

Three cheers for Charlie!

Cute joke Briggs. It reminds me of a joke a blind gentlemen named Bernie told me back when I helped blind folks learn computers. One day, when I was leaving his house, he asked me, "Glenn, do you know how a blind sky diver knows when to bend his knees?" "No", I said. Bernie replied "it's when he feels some slack in the leash". Bernie was a character, and Charlie looks like a real character too!

We estimated Charlie to be about 8-ish. He is actually pretty spunky - don't let the lounging around fool you. He LOVES to go for walks and was completely fearless on a leash. He loved riding in the car too.

I'm sure RDR will be able to fatten him up nicely. He definitely does not have a problem eating.

If we did not have four of our own dogs on top of our foster crew we totally would have kept Charlie. We are very grateful that RDR had room for yet another beagle from us. We look forward to seeing the crew again in July!

I'd be contented there too! Can I come stay at your guys house? LOL I promise I'll stay off the counters. I'd also be Alaynes minion plus I can drive and operate a tractor. : )

I think I'm in love!! What a sweet boy!

Charlie is cute as a button, of course! I'm glad he settled in so easily. Do you have any idea how old he is?

He is a cute little guy. Didn't take him long to make himself at home. After some advanced training from Widget he will fit right in with the beagle mafia.

Welcome, Charlie!!!! You have just arrived at Heaven on Earth. You will have no more worries. You will have plenty to eat, get lots of love, have friends/long lost cousins to play with & I see from the 2nd & 3rd pics you have already assumed one of a Beagles favorite positions. Bless you, Steve & Alayne.

OMG what a handsome fellow, even though he looks a bit sad. WELCOME CHARLIE your home now.

How sweet! Lucky little pup to have people such as you and the rescue group.
So right on about the beagle + food = trouble. I have a schnauzer/beagle mix (with the schnauzer more of an afterthought) and he puts Minnie the Moocher to shame. Also sleeps a lot. A vet told me several years ago Joey may go blind later in life. I would never consider giving him up and now know that a blind dog can be every bit as happy as a sighted one.
When you love someone, you love them for life! Thanks so much for all you do. You both are such an inspiration.

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