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March 01, 2009


Seems the animals at the ranch are happy in every photo I have seen. These two are really cute. Watching them at play is a treat.

When I'm having a rough morning at work, all I need to do is come to your website. I was to the point where I felt like no one loved animals the way I do, but you guys are truly amazing! I strive to one day accomplish what you have!

Great pictures!!! and love the excitement they seem to have.

You are awesome - your love for the animals - your kindness and love - all very evident. The Holy Spirit is working within you each and every day. I wish I could send tons of donations your way but I help when I can. May God Bless you always - Nancy from California.

Enjoy your blog break, as you really deserve it. Those noodle sisters are so funny. It's great that they get along so well.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

That's hilarious! Sibling rivalry, gotta love it!

So nice to see the sisters interact with such joy and playfulness! Ok, maybe more joy on Soba's part. Our part of the country now looks like yours -- we got a good dumping of snow in the Northeast last night. But, ours will be gone soon! I look forward to more posts when you return. Enjoy a well deserved week off.

I have the sister to these girls and she loved her brother the same way. I sure miss him. All the pups from that litter are LARGE on personality. I'm happy they have you to care for them, and they are beautiful.

I look forward to your blog every day. The antics of the animals always start out my day with a laugh and a smile!

Such playful and beautiful girls! Didn't see too much of Noodle in the photos but I know how beautiful she is.
This progression of photos were great!

You still have so much snow!!!

Got to love the antics of these two!! Great way to start the week. You can tell these two love each other. Their coloring is so beautiful and I love Soba's tail, and they both have beautiful faces. Enjoy your Spring break!

Enjoy your week off. I'll miss the daily updates, but that's just selfishness on my part...

And that set of photos? Priceless.


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