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March 18, 2009


My thirteen year old, 110lb lab mix is having the EXACT same kind of seizures. Ramsey had his first seizure September of 2008, since than we've had Six cycles, each containing roughly Twelve seizures and each cycle lasting an average of sixty hours, frequenting about Sixty days apart. After the first cycle, our Vet ruled out all metabolic causes which left inter cranial. Shortly there after we began Phenobarb at 48 mg per day- after the third cycle we doubled the dose. The cycles are wearing him down progressively- and I'm definitely feeling this is a brain tumor, however at his age, and being 6 hours from the nearest Vet school(NC State) we haven't been able to appropriately diagnose Ramsey. (I don't know if I want to put him through it.) He's been with me since Five weeks old, I was Seventeen and on my own when I found him - and now facing euthanasia. He is going through another cycle now. This one seems to be the hardest so far. He has had a great life with trails and bunnies and lots of awesome stuff. Yet, its really hard and I wish he'd go out in the sun and just, fall asleep. My love to your Callie.

Callie you have to get better you have so many people pulling for you. Thank GOD you have two special people (Steve and Alayne) to give you the best care that they can. Hugs kisses,fingers and paws crossed, and keeping all of you in my prayers!

My fingers are crossed for Callie. She is such a sweetie. I'm thinking of you all.

Sweet baby are in good and loving hands. Bless your sweet little heart!

More thoughts and prayers to all of you and hoping for a good outcome to Callie's situation.

My thoughts are with you and this little, funny, sweet dog with the happy tail...
Love and licks,

You must have felt as droopy as Callie after watching a seizure that probably seemed like it was lasting an eternity. Sending good thoughts through the Cosmos that the vets find something treatable.

Oh, NO ! Callie has been my special girl ever since I saw the video of her 'playing dead'..........totally still.....except for her tail wagging a mile a minute at the sound of your voice as you attempted to rouse her for her nightly potty........she is such a sweet sending good thoughts her way today !

(((((((((( Callie ))))))))))

Keeping you close to my heart and always in my prayers sweet Callie.
Big hugs and loving thoughts are coming your way.

Dearest Callie,

My name is Taipooh. I am an 11 year old cocker spaniel and live with my guardians in Seattle. I have seizures, too. My paws are crossed for a best result for you and lots of healing. I should know - I'm blind, have seizures, overcame three episodes of the worst strain of mange (rescued from Taiwan), AND I'm very handsome! Love, Taipooh

Oh my! Poor Callie! It must be horrible for her & I know what it's like to watch someone have seizures & not know what's causing it to happen! We're hoping for some news of something that's easily treatable & thank you & Alanye for taking such great care of sweet Callie. Special hugs for quick healing.
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Well you've got many many finger crosses and prayers from me for lil' Callie. Bless you for taking good of this little angel. I'll be waiting with much interest to see how things work out!!

Prayers for you, sweet Callie! We "big-boned" girls have to stick together...

Callie..Honey, I hope you will be ok. How scary for her and you both! I will be thinking about you today!

I'm so sorry to hear about Callie -I know exactly how hard that is to watch and how scary it is. At least she has you guys there to comfort her and I'm sure the doctor will figure this out - please give her a hug for me and try not to worry too much!

What a scare for you and Alayne to see such severe seizures in sweet Callie. This photo certainly reveals how she feels.

We're sending healing prayers to Callie. Do keep us informed on how she's doing.

Oh, poor Callie! How scary for her! We had a severely epileptic dog, and medication barely held off the seizures. The poor little guy would get so terrified when a seizure was coming on and when it was over. And you're right, it seems like they last forever, and you feel so helpless, you can't do anything to stop them.

Poor Callie....I hope she will be okay. The dachshund's are my favorites, I have three doxie crosses. I will keep my fingers crossed!! Benita

Hang in there Callie, all paws and fingers crossed for you

As everybody else, I am praying for Callie, for a sharp eye and a quick mind for the vet and peace of mind for you...

That round little body reminds me so much of my plump little girl, especially when she sleeps on her back!
In her dark world something like this must be really really scary - your hands and voices must be very soothing and comforting to her. Thank you for what you do - I'm thinking of you and saying a lot of prayers. Stay strong you two. And you hang in there, Callie-girl - everyone is thinking of you.

OH,NO! Sweet Callie. You are in my thoughts & prayers. Steve & Alayne you are too! Erin & I are keeping all finger, toes & paws crossed that it is something treatable & manageable. Poor baby looks so tired & worn out.

Oh no, this is very sad news indeed. Poor Callie! I'll be sending lots of prayers from Canada. I hope she gets better soon :(

I hope she is ok. I will be praying for her. The dachshunds are my favorites. I have a cripple Dachshund that started hers also, she is being tested friday. She had one last yr but not like she did this past Sunday, it lasted for 2 hrs and I had to take her to the emer. Vet, they kept her over night. I hope Callie is ok,Kika is only 4 yrs old and A rescue. She was hit by a car and her owners did not want her any more but they waited 13 days to decide and by then the vet staff had fallen in love with her. So i took her, she is great, we do dachshund rescue fund rasiers and go to the booths, she is sweet.Good luck to Callie and all your dachshunds. You guys are great. Vicky

Callie - and you two - are in my thoughts. Wishing for the best.

So sorry to hear about Callie's seizures. Thankfully she has you and Alayne and the medical care that she needs. Prayers coming her way!

Sweet Callie girl, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh no, poor Callie! I shall keep her in my thoughts, and send mental hugs to her.

Poor old girl. Good luck at the vet tomorrow. Ev

Callie is in my thoughts and prayers. Get better, little one.

Oh poor Miss Plumpette, not you! Here's hoping this turns out to be something treatable and managable. You are such a dollie, and I will be thinking of you.

This pup is in my prayers - along with you and Alayne~~

Saying a prayer and keeping my fingers crossed...

Hang in there Callie girl! You will be in my prayers tonight.

My thoughts are with you and Callie. I know you'll keep up posted. She's in good medical hands.

Poor thing! She looks so sad! I hope she's okay. Big hugs to you, Callie.

I hope all works out with Callie. My ten year old dachsie started having seizures out of nowwhere. We stopped vacanation protocol and she never had another one. I hope that this turns out to be the case for Callie. If you have ever used Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, it is good to use during seizure and to help afterwards.

My best wishes for Callie, you and yours are held in our hearts.

OH NO! I know it's wrong to have "favorites," but Callie is my favorite. She looks just like my fat little Molly, and Callie's YouTube viral video is how I first found Rolling Dog Ranch.

I will keep my paws crossed. Please give us the update as soon as possible.

Oh, goodness- I hope my favourite 'certifiably plump' girl is alright. :(

Will be certainly crossing all fingers and toes for sweet Callie.

Love to all,

Julien (and rescue dog Verdell and rescue cat Melvin)

Your in my prayers Callie

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