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March 20, 2009


My 12-year-old poodle has this exact type of tumor. She first showed symptoms about 14 months ago. After the MRI last July, I elected not to do radiation and continue on palliative. Things have been good. I feel like I did the right thing, but it neither option sounded great to me. It's a very personal decision, and I hope that Callie does well and does live for many more years.

There is good news amongst the bad and with the good Dr. Dave's suggestions, I'm certain Callie will have the best care available and lots of love and belly rubs as she enters into treatment.

We're sending Callie lots of care, love and hope.

Oh I hope the treatment is succesful & Callie can keep up with her grooming schedule. Love the pictures of her, she seems like such a little character. Good thoughts & prayers coming her way.

So sad to hear that it's a tumour but happy to hear it is treatable!!
Great blog ending with Callie's speed grooming sessions..Steve, you have a great sense of humour!

Good thoughts sent your way, I had the most wonderful mini schnauzer who had cancer, had one chemo treatment. He had such a hard time with that we said no more.. we were told we would loose him in three months.. We had this boy for another 5 fabulous years. There is always hope.. thanks for keeping us all informed.

I am sending tummy rubs and happy thoughts her way! She obviously won't let this setback keep her from grooming and upside-down sleeping...Atta girl!

Let's hope the treatment will help. She's such a sweet dog. And where would the others be without her grooming?? I'm praying that the radiation will help her and that you'll stay strong to help her through this. Bless you.

We will keep praying for little, plump Callie... we love her so! It sure does sound very hopeful that they can treat this, so that was very good to hear.
Thanks for the laugh at the end of the post about her "scheduled grooming appt.'s" she couldn't keep. That just cracked me up!
Author & Mom to Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Hang in there Callie, I hope your treatment does great for you, hugs and kisses from all my dachshunds to you. God bless her. Vicky

We're glad there is some hopeful news along with the sad news regarding the large tumor. Our 10 year old husky had cancer and we were able to remove it and had him three more wonderful years, and he was a big breed dog. Let the wellness begin! Love to all of you at RDR!

Well, bitter sweet news. Erin & I are crossing all fingers, toes & paws that she will be around for many years to come. I know this is hard & I admire you all and at least there is HOPE! I'm also glad to hear she felt well enough to get caught up w/ her clients. I hope they are tipping her extra after the busy day she had.

I'm so glad there is hope and lots of good thoughts are flying from our house to sweet Callie

Sending Callie a donation, it isn't much, but knowing dachshunds, she won't hold it against me :)

I think this calls for a special gift request to pay for Callie's treatment. Count me in. 2-3 years is a lifetime of joy. Let's support Callie and give her that chance.

I am so relieved that Callie's tumor is treatable! I want to see many more pictures of her sleeping and grooming for the next several years. *hugs* Get well, fluffy-boned Callie!

Steve, thank you for keeping us posted with all that is on your mind! I just tried the blog to see if there was any news because she was in my mind all day and here you are with an update and picture and all. Wishing Callie and you two all the best and a speedy recovery as far as that is a possibility. (What would radiation to the brain do to the tissue around the tumor?)
Great to hear that she kept her "Callie-spa" clientele happy!

Sweet Little Girl! Keeping you in prayers and hoping the treatment is successful. Please give her kisses~~

I'm so glad there is some good news with the bad news. Callie is just a little punkin', and I adore her. Please pat that belly for us.

Steve and Alayne,

My 11 yr. old blind Boston Terrier probably has a brain tumor also. She started cluster seizures about two months ago. She was turned into the shelter because she was blind and 11 yrs. old so of course, I took her home :)

I can't afford the catscan to be sure but she is responding to medication very well and has not had another seizure.

So hang in there Callie, Maggie is just as bossy as ever!


I'm so glad to read that there is a good chance that this tumor can be shrunken with radiation therapy. Hang in there Callie, help is on the way! I think it's a great sign that she was feeling much better, as she went around to her missed grooming appts. when she returned home. Seems Callie knows that she is going to soon be better!
Big warm hugs & emotional support to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I have a feeling everything is going to be okay.

Thanks for the little bit of humor Steve (missed grooming appointments indeed!!)

Sweet little pudge - hope all goes well. Isn't this a rather drastic way to loose weight??

I'm so glad to hear that there is a such a good chance of successful treatment!

Hope.......that is the key word!

My thoughts & prayers continue for You, Alayne, and the adorable Callie. Happy to hear she went about her "grooming rounds." Callie has so much spunk!!

The Fates heard us! It's treatable. Yea!! Continued good wishes and thoughts sent your way.

Dear RDR folks, what a tough piece of news this must be, but the prognosis sounds bright. I'll keep you and dear, sweet Callie in my prayers for all the best.

Good Afternoon,

I have been thinking about Callie all day. I LOVED to hear that she went through her grooming schedule when she got back home. Please tell Callie she is in our thoughts in NH. I am glad to hear that the treatment looks good. Take care, Mary and Marble

Love and Prayers are going Callie's way from our house to yours. I'm so sorry Callie has the tumor but also very happy to know that it's treatable. I'm asking St. Francis and St. Roch to watch over her while she undergoes her treatment. God Bless,

Sorry to hear about cutie Callie but so relieved it sounds like there is hope! I hope she responds to treatment and is all better soon!!

Oh no. I have been following Callie's and am sorry to hear about the brain tumour. I sincerely hope the treatments are successful. She looks like a sweet little dog.

I am so glad there is hope! This is a dog with a ton of personality. That picture of her after her seizures was so sad, kind of subdued and woebegone. I am happy for her.

oh sweet Callie. Fingers and paws crossed that treatment will be successful. I know how awful it is to see a dog having seizures. Bless you all.

That's a pretty large tumor....but I have every faith that she can handle the treatment to shrink it. Lots of prayers headed her way ... lots of hope, and lots of faith in her circle of doctors.

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