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March 23, 2009


Such a BEAUTIFUL picture. It pains me to know she was injured but healing now.

I am getting my once-per-month pay tomorrow and will be donating online for Miss Callie's fund. Get well Callie.......we want many more sweet bogs and videos of you in the years to come!

Okay, if you can't trap the fox to get her to a vet, then can you put out food for her so she can stay healthy until her injury heals up enough to let her go hunting on her own? I mean unless the Fish and Wildlife people come to visit they'd never know. Purina must make a fox chow heaven knows they make monkey chow! Thanks for the photo!

What a gorgeous photo!

I feel for the wild animals, they have a lot to compete with without negative human hands getting involved to trap and harm them.

Your intention to help is good and I know this short of intention does make a positive difference.

Have you read the story of a gal in Wyoming raising an orphaned coyote pup? Check it out, it's wonderful!
(no problems from fish and game)

I wish I could make a contribution to help with Callie's medical bills. Unfortunately, Tobias has kidney insuffiency, so the money is going to his needs. We're sending lots of great thoughts Callie's way & best wishes for successful treatment.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Its so good to hear that many people are donating for Callie's treatment! Shes a wonderful gal!

Love "your" fox. I bet she is wishing she could take up residence there cuz I'm sure she knows all your furry kids have a great life. I'm glad her leg seems better. What a sweet thing to look forward to seeing, a family of fox kits.

I had a scare today with Erin & had to take him to the vet. Turned out it is a bladder infection & caught it early so he should be fine. But, I immediately thought about you all when I made the decision to call the vet & usually I am a worrier & weakling when it comes to something that might be wrong. But I remembered how strong you all are & how you deal w/ so many health issues w/ such grace it gave me strength. I made it through the whole day w/out shedding one tear. I have learned so much from you all & I thank you for always sharing the good & the not so good with us. God bless you for all you both do!!!

I appreciate your concern for the wildlife in your area.....maybe you will be able to share a photo or two of the kits?!

Thanks for sharing your fox story with us and for showing the same concern for your local wildlife as you would for your domesticated companions. We're all in this together!

My goodness! The fox goes in the corrals??? and what about the dog that sleeps outside??? (I can't remember his name). I learn so much from this site. Now I'll have to spend time reading about foxes who I assumed would be dangerous around your sancutary.

Your statement about accepting that nature is going to run the show made me pause and think. I love to watch animal shows(like the Planet Earth series) but always have to look away when it's dinner hunting time or an animal gets injured. I'm going to try and remember your statement the next time.

Oh, and a little donation is on the way from Louisiana for your girl Callie.

Thank you for blogging about your and Alayne's work/mission.

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